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The Little Animals and Those “Ahh” Moments

more of friendly neighbors 002

One of our friendliest Neighbors

February 18, 2016

Have you ever gone to the zoo and watched the different animals. The monkeys come up to the front and make faces at everyone or sit and stare.

The giraffes, elephants and rhinos just seem to ignore everyone while the lions, tigers and bears yawn, growl and roar to the excitement of the onlookers who stand around yelling at them, teasing them, trying to get some kind of reaction from them. Even the dolphins want to get into the act, swimming close to the glass to get the attention of the excited children watching them.

Why do people look at animals as if they are dumb, as if they are a lesser race than we are. At one time the animals could talk. Adam conversed with them in the garden of Eden as he gave them each names and even the serpent spoke to Eve when he suggested she eat the forbidden food.

I’ve been to several zoos over my life time, and while they are interesting, I feel sorry for the animals that are held in captivity. Sure, everything they could need is provided for them, health care, a place to live and food, kind of the same thing that is provided for the inmates in the prisons. Of course not many people would make that comparison, but unless they are born in captivity, I feel that most animals would want to be free to roam in their own country.

I love to watch wild animals, not necessarily the big ones because there aren’t many around us, although we did see a bobcat while we were out walking one day. I see the intelligence in their eyes and I think many of them actually look at us humans and think, how silly, how selfish and how dangerous we are compared to them.

I was standing out by the back door this evening looking at the moon when I heard a rustling of the leaves at the end of the deck. Peeking over it, I saw a rather large possum. Even when I turned on the porch light, it continued doing what it was doing. I stomped on the porch and it still didn’t budge. It was busy shoving leaves in its mouth and when it was finished, it just ignored me and wandered into the garage. I assume it is building a nest in there.

I believe that some of these animals, like the squirrels, possums, birds and such can tell if a person is a danger to them. For instance, during the summer, I had many birds land on the railing of the porch and just sit and look at me. At the old house, we set out food for the squirrels and there was one who would wait up in the tree until I came out to have my coffee before he would come down to eat. We named him PeeWee.

The other day there were two squirrels in the back yard and I made a clucking sound and one of them bounded off the tree, over the fence and across the yard in my direction. He stopped at the edge of the porch, and stood up on his hind feet and looked at me. I think they know that I will never harm them.

Today I am thankful for the Lord allowing me these small interactions with all of these small animals around me. Sometimes I wish we could actually talk to each other, and can just imagine what they would be able to say.

February 19, 2016

For being out of the work force, living on a fixed income, you would think I would have nothing to do, but it seems like I am just as busy as I was when I was working. No, I don’t have to get up at 5 am anymore and work until midnight, but it seems that almost every day there is somewhere we have to go.

Grocery shopping, doctors appointments, out to pay bills, hospital visits, and to the garage to have the car checked out or repaired. There are not many days that I don’t have to go somewhere. I’m not complaining because I would rather be busy than sitting around being bored and depressed

I learned a long time ago, though, to cherish those “ahh” moments. That time, late at night when the side walks in our little town seem to roll up, when the traffic has stopped, the noise of little kids yelling and playing outside, and the voices of people walking down the street has subsided. I’ve learned to cherish those moments when the whole world is dark and quiet and seems peaceful.

I am thankful for all of those “ahh” moments, those moments of peace and quiet, when time seems to stop and stand still for a few minutes, when all is quiet and nothing seems to move, when I can take a deep breath and let all the stress from the day melt away before crawling into bed, when I know everything in my life and my home is as it should be for the night.

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