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Seasons and Happy Hands and Feet

the four seasonsFebruary 20, 2016

I have met many people in my life. I think the ones that have had the biggest effect on me are those that are born with a disability, missing limbs or have lost them at some point in there lives but still live as if they had everything everyone else has. I’ve had blind friends, friends who only had one arm and hand and friends that have lost one or both of their legs. I have met people who born this way and some who have lost these limbs through disease, and then there are those that have lost these fighting to keep our country free. I’ve know several who were well and walking one day and crippled the next.

As I get older, I am experiencing the wear and tear on certain parts of body. My feet are one example. They hurt as soon as I set them down on the floor in the morning and the gout in my toes is sometimes completely out of control. My wrists ache and sometimes my fingers hurt, but they all work. I can still type, drive a car, wiggle my toes and walk two miles a day.

Today I am thankful for my happy hands and feet. I also pray that should I ever lose a limb, that God will give me the ability to learn to live without it gracefully, and thankful that I still have the others like some of the people who have passed through my life.

February 21, 2016

I’ve always loved the sounds of nature. I could sit outside for hours during the summer days and listen to the birds singing and the squirrels chattering at each other. I could sit outside at night for hours and listen to the crickets chirping. I love to listen to the wind blowing om a cold winters night and I love to go to sleep with the sounds of a thunderstorm.

There are so many other sounds in our world, some that cause us to act or react such as the cry of a baby, the whimper of a hurt animal, the honk of a horn when you step off a curb or the sounds of sirens that alert you to a possible dangerous situation.

The sounds of cars whizzing by, planes up in the sky, children playing outside and people talking on the street are so normal and often we don’t even acknowledge that we hear them anymore. What if your world suddenly went silent. What if you couldn’t hear your baby cry, hear your child call your name, hear your dog bark at an intruder or hear a horn honk when you step off the curb.

There are many people that live in a world of silence. Some are born that way, others have become that way due to illnesses, accidents or injuries. They remember what they used to hear, but they can no longer hear it. I know I am a strong person and if I lost my hearing I could endure, but today I am thankful that I can hear.

February 22, 2016

Winter is not my favorite season. My body no longer handles the cold like it used to. It gets achy and I shiver and then I get even more achy. I have to wear heavier clothing than I enjoy, even around the house to keep warm and I seem to get chilled easier than I used to. But I love to look out on a white winter wonderland, when the snow is pristine white and glistens in the sun. I love to see the ice crystals hanging on the trees making everything look like it is made out of glass.

Spring, Summer and even Fall are my favorite seasons are all my favorites because the weather is usually warmer and more tolerant. Of course, I will complain some, just like everyone else when the temperatures get a little to warm or it rains for too many days, but I love to see the leaves turning green on the trees and grass pushing up through the ground. I love to see the summer flowers in bloom and smell their sweet fragrance on the wind. I love, also, to see the leaves changing colors in the Fall from green to orange, yellow, red and brown and smell the frostiness nipping in the air. Today I am thankful for the seasons we get to enjoy. Each one has its good and not so good features, but it makes life more enjoyable to watch all the changes in beautiful scenery that God has created for us.

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