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My Bucket List

bucket of flowersFebruary 25,2016

You see articles on people with bucket lists. They are often posted on social media sites like Facebook .  Often times they will ask for donations to make everything on the bucket list come true for the individual it is posted for. Many times people do this for themselves, relatives or friends when they have a disabling disease or one that is certain to eventually take their life.

I’ve decided that I want to work on my bucket list before I ever get to that point. I want my going to be simple and easy for all those who I love and love me. I don’t want someone running around wildly to collect money to send me on trips, buy materialistic goods or set up visits from celebrities because I will be going on the best trip of my life and I will be meeting the only celebrity I am interested in meeting. I will be going to heaven and meeting Jesus.

So my bucket list is more a list of wants. No one can get these items for me. They are things that I pray for on a daily basis. Some of them I can work on myself while others are in the Lords hands no matter what I say or do.

It’s really simple when you think about it. I want to see all those I love and care about saved and believing in the love of God, the forgiveness of sins through his son Jesus Christ. I want to be able to know that when it is time for them or for me, we will meet again in heaven. I want them all to have a wonderful, endless life when they leave this earth.

I want to know that everyone I love and care about is capable of taking care of themselves or has someone to take care of them. I want to know that they are going to live peaceful and faithful lives. I want to know they are taking care of their spiritual health as well as their physical health.

I want to finish writing my books. I want to post a full year of “thankful” days on my blog site. I want to share these days with everyone that I can. I want to also share other articles on my blog site that I think may help others in their spiritual life.

I want everyone to know I love them. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. I want to wake up each day, see the sun shining, find something good in each day and maybe brighten some one day as well. This is my bucket list, and I am thankful for my bucket list today because it gives me goals to work toward.

If you don’t have any goals in your life, if you have nothing that makes you feel good, nothing you consider worth working toward, if you are just surviving each day because you feel you have to, then your life is empty and you need to fill it with the love of the lord and others around you. You need to have a bucket list, you need to establish goals to work toward or your life is just an empty shell.

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