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America the Beautiful

January 5, 2016 We have never been a perfect nation, but we have more freedoms than most countries. We are a large melting pot of many cultures, belief systems and religions but we were founded on the belief in God and Christ. We have our civil disturbances, our racial wars, our religious disagreements and every […]

When Satan Tries to Steal Your Joy

  February 3, 2016 It wasn’t too long ago that I received a prayer request on Facebook. These dear Christian friends of mine had been through so much already. Besides struggling with finances, trying to keep a roof over their heads and take care of their family, two of their three children were special needs […]

One Month Down, Eleven More to Go

The Last Day of the Month January 31, 2016 Today I am thankful to be alive!!! Before I accepted Jesus as my savior, my life was full of very bad things. I faced death several times but not at my own hand. My health was bad, my soul was filled with fear, bitterness, and hatred. […]

The Small Things and Hope

January 29, 2016 Sometimes it is the small things that can make us happy, bring a smile to our face or lift our spirits. That quick glance at a clear blue sky while driving down the street, the squirrel running up the tree in your yard, the beautiful chirping of the birds or even the […]