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February 26, 2016

winterI love my grand kids. I have seven grand kids from my only son. I have 8 step-grand kids and and two great grandsons. I also have many “adopted” grandchildren. I’m not even too sure how many, from children that I helped to raise. I got to spend some of the early years with the seven grand kids from my son. A few with the grand-daughters, but more with the grand-sons. I was there at the birth of three of them.

I am in touch with several of them through Facebook and telephone, although I live many miles from all of them. Some are in Ohio, some in Florida, some in Oklahoma and one in Texas. So many times I have wished that they all lived a lot closer, but how would I find time to spend with all of them? Today I am thankful for all my grand kids. I thankful that the Lord has found a way for me to stay in touch with them, watch them grow and mature, even if it is from a distance, and share in their life journey.

February 27, 2016

When I was young, I loved the winter. I loved all the seasons, but winter had special things you could do that you couldn’t do in the other seasons. Sledding, building a snowman, building an igloo or snow castle, snowball fights and making snow angels were just a few of the things we would do in the winter time.

As I have gotten older, I can’t handle the cold like I used to. If it snows, I cannot get out there and shovel it. I get colder faster, so building a snowman, making snow angels, building a snow castle and snow ball fights are no longer on my list of activities.

When it gets cold, when it snows or rains, my body hurts. My migraines will kick in whenever there is a slight change in the barometer and my joints will ache when the temperature drops. I’ve seen some mean winters in my life, but this year, even though there were some cold temperatures, we only had snow one day so far. I am thankful that we had a mild winter this year.

February 28, 2016

This is leap year. February has 28 days most of the time, but every four years there is an extra day thrown in there. I still don’t understand how they figured this out, but they did many decades ago when they finally established the calendar that we use today. So under normal circumstances, this would be the last day of the month, and I could brag that I have made it through two months of posting my “thankfuls”, but I have one more day to go.

Today I am thankful, that by doing this, God is showing me how much I really have to be thankful for. So much of what I have talked about, many people take for granted because they have never done without. We can never be thankful enough for what God does/has done for us, after all, which one of us can say we gave up the life of our only son to save humanity?

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