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Natural Curiosity

libraryMarch 1, 2016

I was a nerd. Yes, I was one of those kids that had my nose stuck in a book all the time, got straight “A’s” consistently and won all the Citizenship, Honor list and Deans list awards. I never got anything less than perfect on all my studies until my senior year when my mind was distracted by beginning to date, and even then, nothing ever dropped below a “B”.

I used to walk around during the summer time, in Pueblo, when it was still a small town, with my nose stuck in a book. I usually read a book a day, and I could walk from my house to the grade school 6 blocks away without looking up. Oh, I would stop at the curb and look both ways before crossing the street, but other than that I was able to walk and read without falling or stumbling on something.

When I was in high school, I babysat until my parents let me get an after school job. They took almost all of my babysitting money and the paycheck from my job, telling me they were saving it for me so I could go to college. Sadly, it was a lie. When I was told that I was to be out on my own when I turned 18, I asked for the money they were supposed to be saving and was told that they used it for my room and board. It didn’t look like I had a chance in a million to go to college, and what’s even sadder is my step-father, who was going to college AGAIN, knew about student loans and never told me.

When I was 38, I finally learned about these loans and entered a business college. Again, I got straight”A’s” and made the Deans list and Honor Roll. I also was given an award for “Overcoming Odds” because at one time I had to drop out for six weeks due to an accident, but came back and made everything up easily. The psychology teacher said that most people just dropped out if they had to miss a lot of time, but that I deserved the award because I kept going and wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

Today I am thankful that God gave me a curious mind. I am thankful that he instilled in me the desire to learn, and I keep on researching, reading and learning. I try to learn something new each day

March 2, 2016

Spring is coming soon. I can see the signs of it everywhere. There are many more birds around. We have Cardinals, Robins, Blue Jays, Starlings, and several types of tiny birds in our yard. The squirrels are out in force and there is a pregnant possum living in our garage. You can also feel a change in the air, not just it getting warmer day by day, but an actual change in the density, smell and humidity.

I love to watch the changing of the seasons, with Spring and Summer being my favorite. I love the Fall colors but they are also an indication that the cold Winter weather will soon be upon us. I love to look out at a fresh blanket of snow,not defiled by foot steps and the pollution of man, but I cannot endure cold weather like I used to.

I lived in Florida for five years, and while I enjoyed warm weather all year long, there is not much that changes there when you go from one season to another. The weather might get hotter or cooler, but for the most part everything else stays the same.

Today I am thankful to live where I can see the changing on the seasons, and stand in awe of all the beauty God created on this earth for us to enjoy, and I cry silent tears for all that man has destroyed.

March 3, 2016

Ok, this one may sound silly to some, but today I am thankful for other peoples garbage. No, I am not talking about their left over food and trash. I am talking about the things they no longer need or want that they donate to thrift stores or put out on the lawn for pick up.

We have two good thrift stores here in town. One is run by the Church Alliance and the money is divided up between different charities in town, the other is owned and run by the local Food Pantry and all profits go to keep the pantry stocked.

Yesterday they had a 50% off everything sale at the Pantry Thrift Shop and we found several items we could use. We picked up a chair for 10.00, several items of clothing for just a few bucks and some new pictures for our walls.

When it comes to things for the house, and most of my clothes, I usually get them at thrift stores. I don’t like the styles they have today. I don’t wear midriff shirts and skin tight clothes. I don’t buy new if I can find what I need for a few dollars less somewhere else. When you live on a fixed income or a low income, shopping this way allows you to be able to afford the things you need.

We have what is called the City Wide Yard sale twice during the summer here. Everyone has a yard sale at the same time and it’s pretty cool just riding up and down the streets to see what they have out. We have found many useful things that way. What is even better, is the day after the sales when people stack what they didn’t sell on the curb for the garbage. We have found furniture, garden pots and tools and many nick-knacks that way, but you have to get out there quick because we are not the only ones cruising the garbage piles.

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