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Inspiration, Technology and Variety

libraryMarch 20, 2016

I started writing quite by accident. I was laid off from my job, they were fighting me on my disability, I was only receiving a pittance from my retirement fund and I needed to supplement my income somehow or another. I started checking out jobs from home online. The first place I worked for required me to blog on my own website for ten dollars a month, in return I was allowed to pick subjects from a list and write articles for five dollars a piece to be put published on other sites.

This went along well for awhile, and I had built up to where I was allowed seven articles a day, and then the checks started bouncing. One day I went to log in to pick subjects and I wasn’t allowed access. I found out later that the owner had cleared out the bank account, locked the doors and disappeared.

I found other small writing jobs here and there but nothing that amounted to much. I did write for a young lady trying to run her own business, this time being paid by paypal. Things went along smoothly for awhile and then the payments slowed down. She kept sending assignments and I had to keep begging to get paid. All of a sudden she stopped communicating with me, owing me several hundred dollars.

I have a few of my own blog sites now that I write on, this one is the main site, and I do it because I feel inspired to write about different subjects. I feel like I have something to share, and when these feelings come on, I write. It is awkward sometimes, because some of my best articles come in the middle of the night when I am sleeping and I can’t remember all of them the next day. I keep a notepad handy to write down a few ideas to work with in the morning.

Today I am thankful for the inspirations I get from my Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that many of my articles have come directly from him and are aimed at a certain person or persons.

March 21, 2016

Just about every home has at least one computer, one cell phone or one tablet. Some have several of each. I have a cell phone but it is as slow as molasses in January so I don’t access the internet with it. I keep it with me mainly for emergencies. I have a lap top and a desk top computer. I prefer the laptop because I can unplug it and carry it anywhere with me, unfortunately it bit the dust awhile back. The desk top I am using is antiquated but it still allows me to write and access the internet.

My phone runs through the internet, so it’s a good thing that this old “puter” keeps on running. I have to do a disk clean up and clear history every morning to keep it from getting bogged down, and I have even had to pray over it a few times, which some may think is silly, but if we need something we are supposed to ask God, right? I’ve even prayed over my car, my refrigerator and my cars tires before, because there was a need and I knew the Lord would answer.

Today I am thankful for the technology that allows me to type this article and keep in touch with family, friends and even businesses. I can’t imagine trying to write one of these by hand, and even then, how would I post it? Send it through the mail for someone to put in their paper?

March 22, 2016

There are sayings and cliche’s that have been passed around for decades, some for centuries. One I used to hear a lot was “variety is the spice of life”. It is. Think how boring it would be if everyone looked alike, if every tree, flower or shrub was the same exact shape, color and size, if we had just one species of animals. How boring that would be.

If all the houses looked the same, everyone wore the exact same clothes, drove the exact same car, worked the exact same job, spoke exactly the same, ate the exact same food, and looked exactly the same, you wouldn’t be able to tell one person or one family from the next.

I like fried chicken, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and lots of chocolate. My neighbor might like beef, potatoes and apple pie. Maybe you like soup and stews. It’s variety that makes us individuals, that makes us who we are. I am thankful for today for variety.

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