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Every Breath I Take, Sight and Emotions

April 22, 2016 When a new baby is born, the doctor will smack it on the bottom or rub it’s back to get it to take that first breath. Diseases that affect your breathing are not uncommon. We live in a society that constantly pollutes the air we breath and intensify and in some cases […]

Truth, Answered Prayers and Medicine

April 19, 2016 We take for granted that the bible is the word of God, full knowing that most of it was passed down by word of mouth before writing was invented. I have heard many people remark that some things have been changed as each new translation or version was written. During my research, […]

Friends, Family and Hope

April 17, 2016 When I was small, in grade school, I didn’t have many friends. In my teen years, in Junior High school I three friends that were my best friends. We did everything together. You wouldn’t see one of us alone during the summer, either two of us or all three of us were […]

Sleep and Books

April 15, 2016 I can remember times in my life when sleep wasn’t much of an option. During one phase of my life, I didn’t get home until 3 am, wouldn’t settle down for bed until around 4 am and then had to get up at 7 am to get kids off to school and […]

Forgiveness and Peace After a Death

April 13, 2016 This is a very wicked world that we live in. It isn’t anything new, it has been wicked ever since biblical times, it is just getting worse day by day. Sodom and Gomorrah pale in contrast to the deeds of today. Between the governments, civil rights groups, the rich and famous, down […]

A Colorful World, The Food Pantry and Trials and Tribulations

April 10, 2016 We were taught in school that the primary colors were Red, Blue and Yellow with the Neutral colors of black and white. From these five colors, we were to assume all other colors could be made by making different combinations. The Rainbow usually has sevenĀ  colors although some of them may seem […]

Sunsets, Stars and Peaceful Days

April 7, 2016 When I lived in Florida, I used to drive down to the beach and watch the sun set out over the ocean. It was so peaceful, just sitting there, listening to waves lapping up onto the beach, watching the sea gulls flying around overhead and watching the sun sink beneath the ocean. […]