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Truth, Answered Prayers and Medicine

bibleApril 19, 2016

We take for granted that the bible is the word of God, full knowing that most of it was passed down by word of mouth before writing was invented. I have heard many people remark that some things have been changed as each new translation or version was written. During my research, I found that the original writings didn’t have all the thees and thous that the old King James version had, but that these were added later because that was the way the people spoke when the original KJV was written. I do believe, however, that for the most part the basic truths of God’s word are in most versions whether it is the King James Version or the New International Version.

The old testament is a great history of our existence before Jesus was sent. Not only did it give the basics that God wanted us to live by, but it showed the wars, disasters, and trying times that our ancestors went through just to survive. It was during these centuries that God was teaching his people how to live. Basically they were close to be savages, living without rules, without morals, serving any God they chanced upon when they would go through different areas. He was teaching them how to develop into a civilized race.

I believe that the true word of God is in the Bible. Today I am thankful for the truth that is found in the biblical writings of Gods word.

April 20, 2016

I’ve already mentioned answer to prayer in a few of my articles. There is no doubt that God answers prayers. Sometimes it seems that we wait for ever, but is because we are waiting for him to answer exactly the way that we want. I can think of several times I prayed for an answer, didn’t get the answer I wanted so I assumed God didn’t answer yet, but later I would realize the problem had been solved, not the way I wanted, but none the less solved.

There have been other times that I have prayed, didn’t get the response I wanted but that was because he was closing old doors and opening new ones. Other times I would be thinking that I needed to pray for a need only to find out that the need was met while I was thinking about praying. I have come to believe that if you think you need to pray about something, you have already prayed just by thinking about it.

God sometimes answers prayers before we think to pray, while we are praying, and sometimes he holds off for such a long time we forget what the need was only to come back at a later date and realized that the prayer was answered. No prayer is too small or too big or too silly, unless it is for selfish reasons such as vengeance on someone or riches we have not worked for.

Just the other day, I had something in my eye. It was really irritating. It seemed to be in there for so long that I was actually considering going to the ER to get them to flush it out. It was what we call one of our free days, not infusion appointments, no Doctor appointments, and nothing needed from the store and I really wanted to stay home. I prayed asking God to remove it, put out of my mind for a few minutes to answer the phone, but when I got off the phone, my eye was clear.

Today I am thankful for the immediate answers to small prayers.

April 21, 2016

In biblical times, when illness struck, the priests would pray, offering would be made, but the ill would be quarantined away from their village and family until they were well. There may have been herbal remedies that they used, however the bible doesn’t mention any of them. If you didn’t recover, if it was an illness that couldn’t be cured, then you spent the rest of your life away from all those you loved.

As time went by, God allowed man to experiment and research and find treatments for many of the most common illnesses. Antibiotics were discovered and refined, and overused. Many illnesses, especially those that were hereditary would go untreated and there wasn’t much hope for those who had them. Many people died at a very young age. Plagues would kill off whole populations because there was no way to treat the illness, no way to prevent it and no way to eliminate it from spreading.

Today, there are many more diseases to deal with. Some of them are life threatening and people have to watch everything that they do, every move they make, hoping they can avoid attacks, hospitalizations and death. Scientists are always researching, always looking for new cures, new treatments and not many of them understand that they will only find those treatments and cures if God decides they should.

Rich has a rare hereditary disease that causes swelling in different areas of the body, sometimes for no reason at all, other times because of injury, over exertion, emotional changes, allergies or accidents. The swelling can occur in the arms, legs, feet, hands, abdomen and throat. While this may not seem to be that big of a problem, the throat and stomach attacks can be life threatening. Several years ago they developed several new medicines that treat this illness. While they aren’t a cure, they can stop an attack before it goes too far and eventually it recedes.

He had a severe throat attack the other day and we were at the hospital twice. After three treatments of this medicine at 1000 units each, 150 of Benedryl, 8 mg of Decadron and some Ativan to calm him down, the attack finally started reversing.

Today I am thankful for the treatments, medicines and cures that God allows our researchers to discover.


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