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Physical Strength, Being Outdoors and Birthday Wishes

pruple fieldApril 25, 2016

I was a small, skinny child. In fact, I weighed so little that my mother asked the doctor what was wrong with me. He told her I just had such an elevated metabolism that my body burned up everything as soon as I ate it. I was active, when I was allowed to be. I was born with asthma, and from what my sister told me, I had some horrendous attacks although I don’t remember any of them.

Whenever my foster parents or my mom had their heads turned, I was running, jumping and playing as active as any other child my age. Back then, they believed that people with asthma shouldn’t be exerting themselves. Today they know that getting exercise, being active is actually healthy for an asthmatic.

I could run like the wind, I could jump over fences like they were pieces of wood, I could climb the highest tree, and even though I couldn’t swim all that well, I loved playing in the creeks and streams in some of the neighborhoods I lived in.

I’m much older today. My bones crack and pop when I move around, but I still try to get some exercise whenever I can, even if it is only walking a few times a week. I can’t run anymore, I can’t jump anymore, and I don’t explore creek beds anymore, but I can still get around fairly well for my age.

Today, I am thankful for the physical strength that I do have.

April 26, 2016

I hve always loved being outside. When I was a child, it didn’t matter how hot or cold it was, I wanted to be outside. I would walk all over the farm or town I was living in from morning until supper time, exploring graveyards, fields, climbing trees or playing at the school. During the summer, one of my favorite past-times was to walk down to the grade school with my nose in a book, sit on the lawn until I was done with the book, and still make it home for supper.

During the winter I made snow angels, built forts, igloos and snowmen and had snowball fights. Even as a young adult, I loved bundling up and going outdoors to have a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids and my son. There was just something so peaceful about walking in the evening when huge snowflakes were falling.

I’m more physically challenged now and I can do extreme heat or cold like I used to. Today I am thankful for those temperate days when I can enjoy being outside.

April 27, 2016

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. I have never done much on my birthday. It has never been important to me to have a huge birthday party, invite a lot of people and get a lot of presents. In fact I very seldom mention to anyone that it is my birthday.

With social media like Facebook, your birthday is automatically announced to your friends and I was pleasantly surprised when I got over 50 birthday wishes. While I like things as simple as possible, computers, phones and social media are three of the best inventions there are. It’s an easy way for me to keep in touch with so many of my friends and family.

There is nothing so sad in this world than feeling all alone, unwanted, unloved and forgotten. Sadly this happens to many people as they get older. The children grow up, move away and get so involved in their own life that they tend to forget the parents that raised them. There might be the occasional phone call on a birthday or holiday, but so many forget to make time for their parents and grandparents.

Today I am thankful that I am loved and cared about by so many. It brightened my day to know that so many people took the time out of their busy schedule to send me a birthday wish.

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