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Fresh Fruit and Veggies, Closed Doors and the Color Blue

fruits and veggiesMay 10, 2016

When Gods chosen people were wandering through the wilderness with Moses, their diets were scant. They had herds of sheep and goats with them, but these animals were their livelihood. They got milk from the goats, and the meat was only cooked and eaten on certain occasions such as weddings or religious days. During their time in the wilderness, it wouldn’t be logical for a family to kill and eat a goat because they needed it to have babies, there would have been no way to preserve any left over meat and they needed the milk for the children.

The sheep were the main source for wool for their clothes and many were kept as sacrificial lambs. They were only eaten  during certain religious festivals and again, if any meat were left over, there would be no way to preserve it. They also need the sheep to breed so that their flocks would grow.

Traveling through the wilderness, they may occasionally come across some wild fowl or deer, which they may have hunted if they were going to be in a certain area long enough and had enough people to eat the food so nothing would be wasted, but they kept moving around so they probably didn’t concern themselves with the hunt. They more than likely harvested nuts, wild berries, figs, fruit from trees and made their bread.

Because they moved around so much, they were unable to plant crops or hunt which is one main reason that God gave them the Manna and later on the Quail.

During the time of Jesus, the people’s diet consisted mainly of wine, bread, legumes, fish, wild fowl, pigeons, duck and geese if they were available. Most meals consisted of bread, wine and whatever vegetables were in season, such as leeks, radishes, dandelion greens, cucumbers, wild herbs and mushrooms. The meal may have been followed with seasonal fruit such as figs, dates, mulberries, melons ore apples.

I don’t eat red meat or pork. I eliminated these items from my diet but may eat them if we go out to eat for a special occasion. I love fruits and vegetables, along with seafood, chicken or turkey. Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms and squash are my favorite. I love grapes, oranges, especially the clementines, apples, cherries and all the berries.

Today I am thankful for the variety of healthy fruits and vegetables that are available to us.

May 11, 2016

I have gone through many different levels in my life before and since I became a Christian. There were many times in my life that I was going down the wrong path, hanging with the wrong people and making all the wrong decisions.

Things changed almost overnight, very rapidly when I accepted Jesus as my savoir. That doesn’t mean that everything was just hunky dory. There were many times of hardships and mishaps. Life goes on even when you are saved.

It is said that when God opens one door in your life he closes another, but doesn’t often seem that we can keep looking over our shoulder at that closed door? Maybe even wondering if we were supposed to walk through the open door before us?

There will always be questions and periods of doubt in our life. We will always be moving on to the next level, going through the many doors that God opens for us in our walk with him. Today I am thankful for all those closed doors that I cannot turn around and walk back through.

May 12, 2016

I used to love to just sit at the beach in Clearwater and stare at the ocean. Clearwater was named after the color of the water in that area. In some places it was so clear and blue you could sea every fish that was swimming through. Sometimes when you stare out where the water and the sky seem to meet, depending on the time of day, it would look like they blended together.

I have seen many beautiful lakes, streams, and rivers in my life, and it has never ceased to amaze me the many different shades of blue they are, depending on the time of day or the season. I went across Lake Champagne several times, live around the Great Lakes for many years, cruised the coast line of Florida on several occasions.

I used to love to lay on my back on a clear day and just stare at a crystal blue sky. In the morning it would be one shade of blue and towards evening it would turn to another shade. Have you ever noticed that the blue of a cold, crisp Winter sky is a completely different color of blue from that of a warm Summer sky? Even a blue autumn sky is different from that of a clear Spring Day.

Silly as it may seem, today I am thankful for the natural and always changing color of blue in our world.

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