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Rain, Windows and Fire

I know that some of my posts may seem silly or boring, but the plan is simply to show that there is something in this world to be thankful for every day of the year. Its a lesson in thinking positive, it is a lesson in working toward a goal and reaching it and it is a lesson in recognizing the blessings of God.

lighteningMay 13,2016

I used to play outside in a Summer rain. Some times mom would throw us a bar a soap and tells us to get clean while we were out there playing in it. I have always loved to sit on a porch and watch the lightening flashes and the pouring rain during night thunderstorms. I used to sit there and think, what an awesome God who has the power to create and control something like this.

As I have gotten older, I don’t appreciate the rain as much as I did when I was younger. It triggers my migraines, it makes my joints hurt, it hinders me from doing activities outside and the grayness of the day is depressing.

But, I understand that the rain is a needed occurrence. It fills the water tables that helps to give our town water, helps the farmers water their crops, helps the plants and flowers to grow and gives the animals plenty of water to drink and bath in. Without the rain, we would be living in a dry, desert area where nothing would grow and many animals could not exist.

Today I am thankful for the rain.

May 14, 2016

I’ve lived in many different apartments and houses in my life. I’ve lived in motel rooms, efficiences, small one bedroom apartments and huge, whole houses. I’ve lived with my sisters, both at different times and I lived with my son and his wife of and on for seven years. I’ve lived with whole families, one person and by myself.

Most places I lived in had ample windows. Usually there was one in the living room, one or two in the dining room if there was a dining room, one or two in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and often one in the bedroom, but I have lived in basement apartments that had one forward facing window or no windows at all, and I lived in a house where almost all the windows were boarded up because the landlord was to cheap to replace them or fix them when needed.

There are two windows in the front bedroom, two windows in the back bedroom, two windows in the living room, two windows in the kitchen, and one window in the dining room where I live now. This is great because I am claustrophobic and have panic attacks if I am in an enclosed space for too long.

Today I am thankful for windows.

May 15, 2016

Have you ever enjoyed sitting around a camp fire? Or maybe lounging in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s eve? What if we didn’t have fire? What if God never allowed man to discover how to make fire?

Imagine eating raw meat or fish? Imagine how many layers of clothes you would have to wear in the Winter, or how cold your bath or shower would be. Imagine not being able to have that hot cup of coffee in the morning or heat your babies milk before bed.

Fire can be dangerous, when it isn’t handled right or when the wrong people use it to destroy, but for the most part it has been something that has made living for the human race so much easier, so much better. It was fire that heated us, cooked our food, warmed our bath water before electricity was discovered.

It was fire signals that have save stranded people in the woods or on islands out in the ocean. It was fire held in oil lamps that used to light our houses or gave us light when we had to walk outside. It was fire that burned out garbage and allowed us to eliminate having trash strewn all around us.

While I don’t have a gas stove, it is fire in my furnace that keeps me warm in the Winter. It is a fire I would light in the wood burning stove if the electrical grid went down. It is fire in lamps and on candles that I would carry around with me to see where I was going and to light my home.

It was fire that lit the lamp-stands in our holy places and it was fire that burned our offerings when the Lord still required them of us.

Today I am thankful for fire.

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