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My Natural Friends

robinMay 22, 2016

Sometimes we get so busy that we overlook the small, somewhat insignificant things that are present in our everyday life. These are things that we often ignore, but if we took the time to notice them, they generally uplift your spirit and make your day much better.

Since I don’t work anymore, I have time to notice these things and I often wonder why I didn’t notice them before. It was because I was so busy working a life instead of living a life. I was more concerned about what people expected out of me, what I thought I had to do that I didn’t take the time to notice some of these small but wonderful things that God puts in our everyday life.

I’m talking about things like a gentle breeze hitting your face when you are over heated, and beautiful cloud wandering across the sky, a row of brightly colored flowers alongside the road, a bird landing very close to you, or even a squirrel scurrying up a tree.

I stand out on the back deck several times a day and watch all the nature in my back yard. We have somewhere between 4 and 6 Doves out there, innumerable varieties of Sparrows, a Blue-jay, a Red Cardinal, a Northern Cardinal, many Robins, Several Starlings, a couple Squirrels, a Possum and some little fat brown unknown brown birds.

The yard has sprouted little white flowers, little lavender flowers, dandelions, some roses, flowers on the Formosa Tree and plenty of vines and grass. Although we have to mow every two weeks, they seem to pop back up just to say hi.

The birds have gotten so used to me coming out that they don’t always fly away from the bird feeder, in fact the Red Cardinal, the Doves and the Starling just look at me for a minute and go back to their feeding. The Robins don’t use the feeder, but there are plenty of bugs in the grass, and they actually hop over in my direction when I come out, give me a once over and then go back to their hunting and pecking.

Today I am thankful for all my natural, woodland friends who seem to know that I mean them no harm

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