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The New Generation and A New Day

Jesus with children 2June 9, 2016 – The New Generation

Look around you at the generation that is coming up today. What do you see? If you are like me, you read the news every day, and it seems that there is always a story about a child or teen being hurt, abused, or killed or killing someone.

We took God and corporal punishment out of our schools, and now the kids seem to have control. If a teacher has to raise her voice to get the kids quieted down, she is hauled in for questioning and could lose her job, if she doesn’t control the kids, then she is written up for not doing her job. Children assault the teachers, bully their fellow students, sleep in class, come to school high or don’t come at all and yet the parents want to blame the system for all of it.

Many students already belong to gangs by the age of 12, already drinking, doing drugs, getting into fights, carrying weapons and having sex. The parents seem to turn a blind eye because they don’t want to admit there might be a problem with their child or they, again, blame the educational system for their own failures.

They depend on electronics like television, DVD players, computers, iPads, iPods, tablets, phones and video games to babysit there children. They are so busy with their own lives that they don’t have time for the children. In many households they don’t even have a daily family dinner. Everyone comes and goes as they please and gets their own grub to eat if they get hungry.

They walk down the street cussing and swearing, throwing garbage around, destroying peoples property, chasing smaller kids, looking for fights, among other horrendous acts. Many elderly people are afraid to walk down the street or even sit on their front porch for fear of being assaulted or abused by these kids.

Now I’m not saying all kids are this way, but there is a large population of them today that are. I place blame almost entirely on their parents because they have given up their responsibilities in raising them to educational systems and electronic gadgets.

I know several families that go out of their way to bring their kids up as good, solid citizens. Not only do they teach them to live by the tend commandments, but instill in them the desire to be kind, merciful, helpful and responsible. They spend time with their kids doing healthy activities like family outings to go fishing, camping, visit museums, hiking or swimming. They spend time getting the kids involved in charitable works and helping others that are less fortunate than them.

Today, in Walmart, the lady in front of us had two little boys with her. One was about 10 or 12 and the other was around 7-8. They were both eager to help mom with the groceries. The elder boy took the bags of the counter and handed them to the younger boy, who in turn handed them to mom to put in the cart. They were very polite, well behaved and considerate. She should be very proud of them.

Today I am thankful that some parents are still trying to raise their children the old fashion way with good morals and habits, with love, understanding and kindness.

sunrise-in-the-countryJune 10, 2016 – A New Day

None of us are perfect, nor can we ever be. We all have faults, bad habits, and a wagging tongue. Whether we always verbalize or not what we think, we still have thoughts that are not worthy of God. We get angry, we get sad, we often think or say thinks in a moment without stopping to think about it. We react often without taking time to weigh in the balance what we want to say, whether it is worth saying, whether it will hurt someone, edify them, or break them down. The old saying that your thoughts become your words and your words can become actions is basically true, yet many strive to step back and use common sense before acting or speaking.

It is sad that we have to be like this, but it is human nature, the sin nature that we are born with because of the sin of our original father and mother, Adam and Eve. Many of us strive on a daily basis to do and say what is right, to pay attention to our actions to make sure they are pleasing to God, but Satan can throw so many stones in our paths that it is often hard to do.

We can only hope to live day by day, making this day better than the one before it. We can only strive to keep clean and healthy thoughts in our head, and make our actions reflect the truly kind and loving people that we are, but there will always be times that we fail. We are human and we can never be perfect.

Today I am thankful for every New Day that the lord allows me to wake to, a New Day to try and do better than the day before.

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