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The Written Word, Little Victories and Inheritance

libraryJune 14, 2016

From the beginning of time, man has kept a history of events. Until around 3200 BC in Egypt and 1200 BC in China, most everything was passed down by word of mouth. For the most part, when we did begin to keep written records, they were in picture form. When the Hebrew alphabet was finally conceived, it didn’t use any vowels and only the “learned” scholars and teachers were taught how to discern what the word was depending on the words before and after it.

For some centuries hieroglyphs and picture writing were the only means of record keeping, but as the word of God was spread the need for a better way of writing soon evolved into the Hebrew alphabet and then later into the alphabet that we used today. Biblical writings and teachings were written on scrolls of animal skins and papyrus. These large rolls were hard to carry around so they were usually stored either in the temple or in the smaller synagogues.

As man has advanced, first to the written book, then to the printed book, to the computer, to recordings and then on to video, there have developed many ways of absorbing knowledge and passing it on to future generations.

Today I am thankful for books, documents and written recordings that help us read and learn quicker than in the biblical times

ClocksJune 15, 2016

I think that I have been OCD for most of my life. I was always super particular about things like keeping my home clean, keeping things organized and always being early instead of on time for appointments. My OCD spilled over into my work. I didn’t care if it was one of the lowest paying jobs I had or the best job I’ve had, I gave it 200%, I would actually become obsessed in doing above and beyond what was expected of me.

This often caused me some problems in the work place because not everyone was as devoted as I was. Some people were there just to put their hours in and get their paycheck. Maybe my attitude is what got me three raises the first year that I worked at my last job. I don’t know. I do know that it carried over when I went into an outside position with the company and went on the road as a field agent. I would actually panic if I forgot to keep things organized.

Today, being disabled, I have finally learned to back off the OCD train a little bit. I am still adamant about trying to keep the house clean, but physically I can not tackle the things that I used to. I’ve had to learn to back off from doing a whole house cleaning in one day, so I have had to learn to clean as I go along so things don’t pile up.

Sometimes I can get a little something extra done, like a sewing project, working with my container plants, getting the floors mopped or hanging new curtains. When I am able to do extra things, I consider them an accomplishment, my small victories. Today I am thankful for my small victories.

pruple fieldJune 16, 2016

After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, God forewarned them that life would no longer be easy for them. He told them they would have to work hard, sweat, accept failures and disappointments for the rest of their life. No longer would anything be handed them on a “silver platter” so to speak, they would have to toil for whatever they needed the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this inheritance would be passed down from generation to generation until the end of times, when Jesus will return. They had no idea what all they would be facing. Not only would they toil and work to live, but there would be pain, heartbreak, sorrow, danger, violence and temptations for the rest of time.

As parents today, many try to leave some kind of legacy for their children, some kind of inheritance that will help them out in their lives, possible money or property. Unfortunately, because the majority of the world are poor, not many people can leave something to their children. Those parents who leave their children something more valuable, like decent morals, biblical teaching, self respect, how to show kindness, mercy and forgiveness and how to be helpful, leave them a much better inheritance, better than any amount of money can buy.

My parents were poor. My father committed suicide when I was five because he was already dying of polio and cancer of the stomach. He knew he didn’t have long to go, and finally when the pain became too much, he took his own life. My mother died the day before she was to go in fur cancer surgery, from am accidental overdose of medication. They believed she had gotten mixed up and took more pain medication when she should have taken her asthma medicine, so she died of a severe asthma attack.

My parents didn’t leave us with any kind of inheritance, not a monetary kind anyway, but they did teach us to believe in God and Jesus, they did teach us to respect ourselves and our elders, they did teach us basic manners and all the don’ts: don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t want done to you, and many other life lessons that I thought I would never use. Today I am thankful for the inheritance they did leave me, a lot of it has helped me make it through this life as long as I have.

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