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Little Signs, New Days, and Father’s Day

ClocksJune 17, 2016 _ Little Signs

Isn’t funny how life goes. When you are child it seems to stand still. You wait until you are old enough to strike out on you own, walking to school by yourself, having your first sleep over at a friends house, or being trusted to go to the store on you own. As you reach preteen and the teen years you are waiting to be allowed to go on that first date or your first dance or experience your first crush or your first kiss. Then there is that century that it takes to reach the age of 18 where you can legally leave home, and the next century from 18 to 21 when your completely legal for everything.

Then life starts to get busy. Maybe you go off to college and earn a degree, or maybe you get married and start a family. Your days are filled with classes, school events and studying or your cleaning house, doing laundry, changing diapers or play taxi driver to your children’s after school events. If you work, there is that eight hours spent doing what you do, then having to come home, cook dinner, go to after school events, get children off to bed and the next morning the cycle starts all over again.

Between thirty and forty, time slips away and if feels like it has come upon you overnight, and forty to fifty is only half a day long. When you get in your sixties, retire and have tons of time to do what you want you have to have that mid-day nap and the day only seems to be about four hours long.

How much time do we waste during our lives. Why are we in such a hurry when we are young and then can’t seem to find enough time when we are older. As I sit here and reflect over what my life has been I see so much time that was wasted, so many ventures and ideas that weren’t in the least bit logical and I have to wonder a bit if that is how God intended us to be. Now that I have time on my hands, I do a lot of thinking, writing and seeking and wonder why he didn’t open my eyes earlier in my life.

God has a plan for everyone, and when I look back I can see the different ways he orchestrated my life, and even today he still sends me little signs to show he has not forgotten me. It might be as simple as the Cardinal that lands on the deck, not more than three feet from me, or the little rabbit that doesn’t run when I come out. It might be watching the black bird feed its babies from the feeder, or the baby dove who decides not to fly away when it sees me. These are the little signs I see every day that remind me he is still in control, he is still around.

Today I am thankful for the little signs he sends me, assuring me that he still loves and cares for me even though I have gotten older and cannot do as much as I once did.

sunrise-in-the-countryJune 18, 2016 – New Days

As we go through life, there are many moments that we hold dear. The birth of a child, a wedding day, a High School Graduation, buying your first car, or even your child’s first day at school. Today young couples carry camera phones wherever they go to catch all those moments and share them with friends and family on social media sites, but do they bother to print them out and put them in an album, I wonder?

We all have defining moments in our lives, times when something changes that either makes us happy, improves our life or times when we will be sad, filled with remorse and sorrow. There are stressful times, happy times, joyful times, sorrowful times, times of anger, times of remorse, times of love and endearment, but the most important are the times with Jesus.

Sometimes I regret that I did not know him earlier in life, but I can see that he was always there. Since I became his child, I have always wanted to do what I assumed he wanted to do. In the church I attended, my only guidance was watching other “seasoned”Christians around me to see how they acted, how they talked, how they lived and sadly to say I discovered that so many were Christian in name only.

I’ve not been a perfect Christian, although I have met some who think they are. Over the years the lord has shown me that his love, mercy, forgiveness and care are new each day. Each day we can begin again by trying to better than the day before. Each day we can strive to do more, share more, forgive more and care more. I hope I never become a “Seasoned Christian” because I do enjoy the newness in each new day.

Each day I learn something new or the Lord shares something new with me. Today I am thankful for every new day he gives me.

Jesus with children 2June 19, 2016 – Father’s Day

Today is fathers day. We celebrate those men who are our fathers. A fathers life is not easy, if he is a true father and not like many young men today who don’t mind making the baby but have nothing to do with it afterward. True fathers have the burden of seeing that their child has a manly influence in their life.

He has to show them courage, bravery, perseverance, and determination. But he also, usually ends up being the one who is the enforcer, who punishes the children if they need it, who enforces the rules of the house, the rules of respect and obedience. But fathers love too!!!!

A true father wants to spend time with his children, taking them fishing, hiking, swimming or teaching techniques in carpentry, plumbing, car repair, building tree houses, setting up a pool, fixing things around the house and treating women with respect. It is the duty of a father to show love and understanding just as much as it is the duty of the mother. Sadly many fathers don’t understand this, they think they have to be the bad guy, so to speak, in the family.

I’ve had seven fathers. Yes, indeed I have. Some of them were good, some of them were bad, and some of them really had no clue. Yet from each I have learned something, from each there has been some sort of life lesson even if it was to never act like they did or take certain aspects of their life and include it mine.

Today I am thankful for all the fathers I have had and have known. Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, my son, my Papa (step-father) and all the other fathers in the foster homes. Happy Fathers Day to the fathers I know and love today.

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