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Modern Technology, A Strong Woman, and It Could Always be Worse

kitchenJune 20, 2016 – Modern Technology

Sometimes I stop and think about some of the ways I have had to live. There were times when I lived in a house without heat or electricity. We bundled up the best we could, cooked on a Coleman stove, washed clothes in the bath tub, and watched TV on a television that was hooked up to a car battery.

Sometimes I think about the books I have read that describe what life was like in Biblical times, and even then I realize that what I have gone through in my life is nothing compared to how many people back then had to live. It was their way of life though. They had not been introduced to all the modern technology that we have today. They didn’t even have a bathtub to wash clothes in, nor did they have a Coleman stove to cook on, or a car battery to hook up a TV to.

I have all the modern conveniences now, and now I have enough finances to keep the gas and electricity on. Have no doubts though, that if all that disappeared I know I could survive without them because I have done it before.

Today I am blessed with all the utilities that I need to be comfortable. I have every appliance I could possibly need, refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, television, computers, phones, slow cookers, hair dryer, and yes, two bath tubs. Today I am thankful for how much easier life is made with all of these, but I am also thankful that I would have the knowledge and skills to live without them.

older woman prayingJune 21, 2016 – A Strong Woman

Maybe someday I will get my book finished. Everyone I know, who knows the things that I have been through in my live, has encouraged me to write it. They are all convinced that many others would be interested in reading it.

It seems that I am constantly running into brick walls when I am working on it. I have the habit of being to detailed and certain areas can become very boring. If I were to tell you about someone I had a conversation with today, I would tend to get into it word for word instead of generalizing it an making the story short. I’ve done that several times with the book, and I pray because I want it to be what God wants it to be.

There is one thing that I can say with assurance. Even though I have been through a lot in my life, and even though a lot of it was bad, dangerous, at times even life threatening, I have learned something from every experience. I know the lessons I have learned are from God, and it has made me the person that I am today.

Today I am thankful that God has allowed me to grow into a strong woman through all of these experiences and yet, still be able to be kind, thoughtful, loving and forgiving.

Hands holding the worldJune 22, 2016 – It Could Always be Worse

Finding something positive each day can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are under a lot of stress, if you aren’t feeling well, if things haven’t been going right, or if you haven’t had a good nights sleep.

Day by day there always seems to be something that could easily bring my day down, whether it is the hysterical call from a family member in another state, or Richard has an attack and we have to go to ER for a couple hours, or it’s hot and the air-conditioning doesn’t seem to work right, but through all that has happened/still happens I have been able to look for the flip side of everything that is bad. They say there are two sides to the coin, well that applies to everything that happens to us each day of our lives.

We can choose to be miserable, look at all the things that can be considered bad, troublesome or negative during an experience, or we can take what is going on, analyze it, look at, and compare it to other events in the past. We can choose to look for the positive in each case or we can wallow in the murky mud of miserableness.

Today I am thankful the Lord has taught me how to look at every situation, make the comparison, look for the positive inside the negative and realize that no matter what is going on it could always be worse and be thankful that it isn’t.

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