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Dreams, Modern Tools and Grudges

starry skiesJuly 17, 2016 – Dreams

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects millions of people everyday. Symptoms may show up soon after a traumatic event or they may appear days, months or years later. A person who suffers from PTSD can have dreams and flashbacks that disrupt their daily lives. They may even create their own phobias to help them stay clear of the events, noises, places or smells that bring back memories of the event.

For example, a rape victim may constantly watch over their back every where they go, or check the locks on windows or doors several times before going to bed. A war veteran may jump at the sound of a car backfiring because it sounds like gun shots, or he may avoid news about wars and events overseas. PTSD victims may have problems sleeping, going into certain places, eating certain foods or taking part in certain activities. Many may become reclusive. Some of them may have a constant sense of fear, shamefulness or startle easy if someone walks up on them unexpectedly.

I suffer from PTSD. There are times I find myself in the middle of the room when a flashback occurs and I have to shake myself out of and force myself to think and do something else. Other times it happens in nightmares and I wake suddenly out of a deep sleep and lay awake for awhile trying to clear my head, telling myself it will never happen again, or I will never see that person again.

The Lord has given me a blessing in all of this. For quite sometime now, when the horrific nightmares come, I can remember them vividly when I wake up, but all memories of the dreams are gone the next morning.

Today I am thankful that he takes the memories of those dreams away.

toolsJuly 18, 2016 – Modern Tools

Primitive man did not have the means to make tools like we have today. First off, they didn’t have the knowledge for mining and refining metals. They didn’t have electricity to run molds, dies, and other machinery that is used today for making tools.

Their first weapons, their spears and knives were often made from sharpened wood or ivory. Hatchets and axes were made of stone attached to wooden handles with leather, vines or their version of rope. Sharp objects were often attached to handles and used in much the same way for hewing down brush, killing animals and digging up the ground.

Over the centuries man has evolved into a super being that uses tools made by machines out of treated and hardened metals. He no longer has to search the fields and woods for wood for handles and rocks with sharp edges to make his tools out of.

Whatever you need to do today, there is a special tool for it. Besides hammers, screwdrivers, chisels and such, there are special tools for putting up drywall, special tools for building engines, and even computerized machines that make any part that is needed in construction, car production, airplane manufacturing or the like. These huge tools eliminate the need for man to use his physical strength to accomplish what he wants to.

I’m just an elderly lady who doesn’t have much strength in her arms. I cannot drill holes in anything with a screwdriver, so I use a drill. I cannot work on my own car, but there is a garage down the street that has all the necessary tools to fix it for me. Today I am thankful for all our modern tools.

anger faceJuly 19, 2016 – Grudges

There are many people today who hold a grudge against someone else. They nurture it, feed it, take care of it and never want to let it go. They dwell on it, talk about it, make plans to do something about it, but never do. It is like a child to them. They don’t want to let it go.

If anyone has the right to hold a grudge, I would be one of them. I would hold a grudge against anyone who made me angry, hurt my feelings, physically abused me or just annoyed me. I would hold a grudge against those who thought they were better than me, those who lied about me, and those who talked about me.

Four months ago, when my son passed away, a certain person turned his death into an attention getting device on Facebook By posting lies about their relationship, which was non-existent to ranting and raving about how they didn’t know what they would do without him, to openly accusing him on Facebook of committing suicide, the list just is just so long.

At first I was angry, but I said nothing. Then I was hurt, but said nothing, then I was told about more lies, but still I said nothing. After reading everything that was posted, and knowing my past experiences with this person, I could see that it was an effort to gain attention and I ended up feeling more sorry that angry at them.

This person is on my prayer list, just as others are who have wronged me in the past, and today I am thankful that God showed me early on that holding a grudge is just as damaging to yourself as it is to the other person.

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