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Health, Wealth and Happiness

Hands holding the worldJuly 19, 2016 – Health

We are an unhealthy world. There is no end to the list of virus, diseases, and illnesses that affect us. From the common cold to cancer, the list just goes on and on, with diseases and illnesses that affect different parts of your body, your mind, your nervous system and your immunity. Every year more and more afflictions are discovered and the scientists go into overdrive to find a cure.

I’ve read many articles that also tie your mental health into your physical health. Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental problems can actually cause or help cause certain illnesses to appear or advance.

I know it is hard to keep a good attitude when you are diagnosed with something that has the potential to completely change your life or even kill you. It is hard not to jump into that “woe is me” syndrome that so many people already dwell in, but it is scientifically been proven that a healthy mind, a spiritual life and a positive attitude can directly affect your health.

When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer over a year ago, at first I was a little frightened. But my doctor assured me it could be taken care of because I had consistently followed up on my yearly exams and it was caught early.

After I went home from my appointment where they set my surgery date, I suddenly felt an overwhelming peace about the whole situation. I knew God was in control and everything would be alright, and it was. They got it all and found no other traces of cancer cells.

Today I am thankful for my healthy mind, my spiritual walk with God and his overwhelming healing and love.

common senseJuly 20, 2016 – Wealth

When I was a youngster, like so many others, I often dreamed about being rich. I wanted that huge mansion, those expensive clothes, the jewelry, the butler, the maid, the limousine and an unlimited supply of money. I thought that was the life, because most people thought that way.

As I grew older and had to deal with the true life, the one where I had to work and nothing was handed to me on a silver platter, I learned to appreciate the things I had, the things “I” worked for, the achievements “I” made, the feeling of accomplishment that came with all that.

Today I realize that being cash-rich is not all they make it out to be. Unlimited cash cannot replace the love of family and friends, it cannot buy you those kind of relationships. It cannot buy your way into heaven, it cannot buy you respect, true friends or true family. It can’t buy you God.

Today I am thankful for the riches I have in the love and caring of family and friends. I am thankful for the riches I am building in heaven because I have accepted Jesus as my savior and king and try to lead a Jesus filled life.

hen and chicksJuly 21, 2016 – Happiness

What makes you happy? Having that new Lamborghini? Buying that 30 room mansion, sailing out on that huge yacht, going to all the elite events for the rich an famous? Maybe you are happy having people swarm around you, acting like they adore and love you when all they really want is to be seen with you because you are well known.

Does your happiness lie in materialistic things, like all the latest electronics, that vacation villa, the latest fashions, having more and better things than your family. Remember what Jesus said “It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven”.

Life goes quickly, it can end suddenly, unexpectedly, you never know when your time is up.

I find my happiness in the little things that constantly remind me of the power and awesomeness of God, the little things that remind me he created everything and he loves me.

When I watch all the little birds coming to get the seed I put out with them, when I see the squirrel finally become brave enough to come up on the deck and get a drink, or when a butterfly lands on my hands as if to say high on its flight to who knows where, there is my happiness.

Knowing the people who care about me, who love me, who would do anything for me and me for them. Knowing in my heart that maybe I have helped some of them draw closer to the Lord and watching them grow in his love every day, there is my happiness.

It’s been said often enough that happiness is within oneself and I truly believe that. No one person is responsible for making you happy. They may add to your happiness, but you have to find true happiness inside and you can’t do that without God.

Today I am thankful for my happiness.

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