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Grocery Stores, Gods Plan, Gods Silence

Gorcery storeJuly 22, 2016 – Grocery Stores

Yes, there were stores back in the days of Jesus. There were open air markets where people could buy their produce, there were stalls where they could by spices, silks, silver, jewelry and sacrificial animals. They were usually located very close to the palace or temple depending on what city you were in. residents of smaller villages and towns would often bring their products to the city on certain days, and especially during religious holidays, but for the most part, the poorer people could not take advantage of this shopping extravaganzas.

The poorer villagers, those who did not own or work their own property, couldn’t work a field or raise animals had to find other ways to make ends meet. Actually the bible tells us that their needs were met by the farmers who would leave anything that fell in the field after harvesting for the poor and widows to pick up. Other than that, some would sell themselves into servitude to feed their families, others would become beggars, and those that could, would move in with other family members.

The world has changed dramatically over the centuries. In modern times there are programs to help the poor, the disabled and the widows. They no longer have to go out to fields to glean the leftovers. They can get help with buying food, and with our modern grocery stores, they can find what they need at reduced prices in the generic brands.

Today I am thankful for our grocery stores since I fall into that category of society.

Hands holding the worldJuly 23, 2016 – God’s Plan

I’ve heard it preached over and over again most of my Christian life. God has a plan. God has a plan for every person on this earth, even those who haven’t turned to Jesus yet, even those who may never even have heard about him. God has a plan.

When I look back at some of things I have done with the Church, and I look at how I felt at the time, I’m still not sure what God’s plan for me is. Is it possible I have already met all the requirements of his plan for me? Could it be he used me to bring someone to Jesus, or maybe he just wanted me to say something to the right person at the right time. Maybe he wants me to continue with praying everyone, or maybe he does want me to right.

I worked in on the praise team, I taught children’s Sunday School and Church, I worked in the bus ministry, I help feed the homeless, I did visitations to nursing homes and many other small chores and necessary acts on behalf of the church, but they were all temporary and short lived as God moved through different levels in my life.

Sometimes he doesn’t allow us to know his plan, but works it through us anyway. Today I am thankful that God does have a plan for me.

country sunrise

July 24, 2016 – God’s Silence

I know you’ve gone through it just as I have. Silence, those periods in your life where it doesn’t seem like God is moving, like he isn’t listening, that maybe he is on vacation somewhere and doesn’t realize what’s going on in your life, what you need help with. Of course, those of us who truly believe, know that this isn’t true although we often wonder why he is silent for different periods in our lives.

Sometimes we might believe that we have done something to anger him, so he is ignoring us for awhile, or maybe he has more important issues to attend to than our silly little wants and needs. We may often think that he has totally forgotten us, because, after all, he has to be concerned with 7.4 billion people all at the same time. He isn’t just concerned about the 2.1 billion that are Christians, a number that grows by leaps and bound each day, he is concerned about all of them.

Recently a friend of mine on Facebook mentioned she had been listening to a sermon on the radio. The speaker was talking about when God goes silent. He said that when God goes silent in our lives, it really means that he is in the process of doing something wonderful for us and will bless us with it when he determines it is time. I would love to believe that, but sometimes I think God goes silent on us on occasion to give us time to reflect, to look inward, to meditate on our belief and our faith.

Today I am thankful for the times God goes silent, for I believe something better is coming next.

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