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Cooler Weather, Air Conditioning, and Insights

the four seasonsJuly 25, 2016 – Cooler Weather

When I was younger, the heat of the summer never bothered me, but that was before all of these climate changes with their super storms and global warming. It never seemed so unbearably hot and humid as it has this year. The humidity alone has made the air so thick you could probably cut through it with a butter knife.

The average for this area in June, July and August usually runs between 84 and 89, but this year there have been many days that have been in the mid to high 90’s. If it was drier and not so humid, it feel like I was still living in Florida, but we have been going in spurts where we have two or three days of heavy rains and then the temperature soars into the 90s for a few days.

Average high for June 30th is normally around 87, but this year it was 89. The average high for July 24 this in 90, but this year it was 95. This may not seem like much of a difference, but it is surprising what just a few degrees either way can change the whole day.

While I try to take everything in stride, as I get older, this changing weather pattern seems to zap all of my energy and actually makes me feel ill at times. Today I am thankful that it has cooled down a bit.

FansJuly 26, 2016 – Fans and Air Conditioners

Imagine living in biblical times, especially in the arid, dry desert regions that they traversed several times a year. If you knew where the water holes were or happened on an oasis, you could water your animals and refresh yourselves a bit, but for much of the way they had no relief from the sun or high temperatures that are normal for a desert area.

Now imagine what it would be like to walk for miles a day, behind stinky, sweaty, fly infested animals, clothed from head to foot in several layers of material. Women and men always wore the veils or head coverings to protect their heads from heat and cold. Sweating under all that material actually helped them to keep from becoming dehydrated as the sweat stayed wet instead of being dried in the sun.

The elite of that day may have ridden in a covered conveyance of some sort, and for sure all the upper officials of the court, temple and kings domain had slaves to fan them with fronds, leaves and man made fans to keep them cool

When I was younger, we couldn’t even afford a fan. We slept with our windows open and just learned to swat the flies away. We didn’t worry at that time about someone crawling through our window to harm us because society was much different back then. My mom would leave the front and back door open at night to let any breezes flow through.

Today, you dare not leave your doors and windows open because it is just inviting trouble. Our crime rate, our society no longer cares about it’s neighbors, the elderly, children, the poor or disabled. It seems that so many people just want to commit crimes, maybe not to see what they can get away with, but more because it is what is acceptable as a way of life now.

I would love to leave my doors and windows open during the summer nights but I know better, so today I am thankful for fans and air conditioners.

older woman prayingJuly 27, 2016 – Insights

It is not unusual for me to go to sleep praying every night. It became a habit of mine years ago. It is the most quiet time of my day and I can’t think of a better way of drifting off talking to Jesus. I wake up several times a night, sometimes to use the bathroom, or just to shift to another position, and usually I drift back to sleep talking to Jesus again.

I think that I actually talk to him more than I do most other people. It seems like I walk through the house talking to him when a prayer need comes to mind, when something isn’t going right, or when I think of a situation that needs resolved.

Sometimes prayers are answered instantaneously, other times it seems like they aren’t answered at all, yet when I look back on it later, I can see that they were answered in another fashion. Jesus doesn’t always just solve our problems, sometimes he gives us an insight into a problem or situation.

He’s done that several times with me, helping understand what the real situation or problem is, what is needed to solve or correct it and the steps to take to get this done. I couldn’t begin to count the times he has done this.

Insight is defined as a “clear or deep perception of a situation”, “a feeling of understanding”, or “the clear and often sudden understanding of a complex situation” Today I am thankful for the insights the Lord has given me.

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