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Catching Up – Four Days

Hands holding the worldJuly 28, 2016 – Building Materials

I do a lot of reading and a lot of researching. Besides the daily readings from the bible, I have been picking up books put out by Time Life and Readers Digest about the bible and the people in it. Not only do they talk about the times of the great people of the Bible, but they explain how they lived, what they ate, what their life was like.

I’ve learned a lot from these books and I have to say that compared to how their life was, we live in the lap of luxury even if we are middle or lower income families. Just about every family has a TV, a phone, a car, and internet. The ones who don’t have transportation can take public transportation which almost every city has, and today, depending on your income, you can get a free cell phone too.

We live in well built houses, apartment complexes and housing developments. The people in biblical times lived in tents, mostly moving from one place to another depending on the season, or if they had to look for pasture grounds for their herds and flocks.

When they did start to settle in villages and towns, they lived in mud and straw buildings with their animals. They would dig a sort of a basement or build their dwelling over a cave. The animals lived in the basement or cave and the family lived directly above the, usually without any kind of wall separation.

Today we have houses made of building materials that can withstand just about any kind of storm. Some are even constructed to withstand the high winds of tornadoes and hurricanes, and others are built to withstand tremors from earthquakes. Our animals are housed in their own dwelling, usually quit a distance from the home so that the smell do not permeate the residence.

Most houses have all the convenient appliance we need, some of them built right in. We have windows and doors to keep out the extremes of weather and to keep us safe. Biblical homes had an open doorway with maybe a curtain or piece of material covering it, and it there was a window, there would be only one built high up on the wall.

Today I am thankful for the building materials we have developed over the centuries that make our lives much safer, cleaner and easier.

July 29, 2016 – Deliverance

I was thinking about all the different levels in my life. Many of them were outright dangerous. That all changed when I accepted Jesus and he started moving me to “higher” levels. As I was thinking about all of these extreme circumstances he reminded me of all the times he delivered me from danger or something worse, death.

I’ve had guns shot at me, have had a gun pointed at my head, but I have never been shot. I have had someones hands around my throat, choking me until I almost passed out, yet I survived. I had someone try to stomp my head in, yet they missed and fell down themselves. I’ve stepped of a curb and almost got hit by a speeding car. I have had my head busted open several times, but never had any brain damage.

There are just so many times he has delivered me from a dangerous situation, so many times that he has saved from a gruesome and horrifying death. Today I am thankful for all the times I have experienced the Lords “Deliverance.”

July 30, 2016 – Financial Blessings

People who are on Social Security or Disability did not get a cost of living raise this year. From what I read, they denied because gas prices went down. Think about that!!! A lot of the people on assistance don’t drive or own their own cars, so how would that affect them? Bus fares and cab fares did not go down because gas went down. Neither did the items at the grocery store.

Living on a fixed income is difficult to say the least. There are many times when the month out runs the money. You have to be careful of every dime you spend, you have to budget to the penny, and pray that God will take care of the rest.

Recently one of my bills went up. First it went up 12.00, then it went up 5.00 more, and now it looks like it is also going to go up another 5.00 starting next month. It’s the cable bill. I don’t watch that much television, but there are certain programs I enjoy, including Pastor Salem on the Christian Worship hour on Sunday mornings.

The cable company just recently changed over to digital. I have been trying, as patiently as I can, to get the company to fix it because the first box they sent out, did not work at all, and the second only worked once in awhile. They finally had a repair man out who got everything going the right way, and I will be getting a hefty credit on next months bill.

My car insurance went up and yet I have a completely clean driving record. I contacted them via chat on the internet to find out why. After going over my information, the young lady was actually able to get it lower than it originally was without affecting my coverage.

We have had to use the air conditioner quite a lot this last month. I was really worried about what the electric bill was going to look like. It just came in and it was only 4.00 more than last month.

Today I am thankful for the financial blessing God sends my way when I need them most.

July 31, 2016 – Church on TV

I’ve seen a lot of TV Evangelists in my life. I have actually met a few of them in person, and years ago, they all had one thing in mind, saving souls, reaching the lost, the lonely, the elderly or disabled that were not able to attend a regular church. I’ve recently fallen into that category.

Sad to say that today many of them want to just preach about money. “If you sow a seed into my ministry, I promise God will bless you financially”. Yes, your heard that right. I actually heard a pastor on television say that. He told a story of how when he first began to preach, he had nothing, and how a bunch of other pastors got together and bought him some brand new suits.

He went on to relate how someone gave him a jet, how someone else gave him a brand new car, and how another person gave him a yacht. He lives in a mansion now, has several cars, his own jet plane to take him wherever he wants and can afford anything he wants, but he tells his audience they need to sow a seed of $1000.00 into his ministry and all their financial woes will be over. I didn’t hear in his story anything relating to him sowing a financial seed into anyone’s ministry.

All I could think about was the poor widows, the single moms, the disabled vets or senior citizens living on a fixed income giving up their rent or bill money to this man based on his hollow promises. I was completely appalled. Of course I can’t mention names, because everyone is “sue” happy in this world today.

On Sunday morning, on one of our local channels there is the Christian Worship Hour. Pastor Salem is a 94 year old preacher who has been preaching for over 70 years and broadcasting for over 30 years. He is not pretentious. He preaches from the bible. Sure he has to a plug for money, every television show has to, but he tells you the truth that they cannot continue broadcasting without the audiences help and he gives you a website where all their financial data is posted so people can see where all their money is spent. I have never seen another “TV” preacher offer that.

Today I am thankful for Pastor Salem and the Christian Worship Hour.

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