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Naps, My Rocking Chair, Fear and Smells

lakeAugust 1, 2016 – Naps

Did I mention this before? I might have. It seems that when I was younger, I was constantly on the go. I didn’t seem to need much sleep, or much food either. I was up at the crack of dawn, usually around 5 am and sometimes wouldn’t get to bed until after midnight .

When I was in High School, I was up at 5 because the bus came at 7 and I had to help get my younger siblings ready to go to the baby sitter. I was out of school at 2 to be at work by 3, didn’t get of work until 11 or 12, and then back home to start it over again.

When I was a young mother, my hours didn’t seem to change much. There were times when it was necessary for me to work two jobs to make ends meet. There were also times when I lived with another family and they took advantage of me being there. I was the one who got up at 5 or 6 to get their kids ready and off to school, sometimes having to take them there myself. Then I had to come home, get a few chores done, get ready for work, go grab the kids from school and feed them before I could go to my job.

When I was married to Ken, I still got up at 5, was at work until 7, done around 3-4 and then we would go to dinner. I took on extra work for the company at home, getting up every few hours to call other countries on different time zones for them, and then back up at 5 to start all over again. On Sundays, we had to be there early because I had to set up the media for praise and worship and Ken was Sunday School Superintendent and things he needed to get done. We would be at church from 7 to around noon, then out for lunch, sometimes with the pastor and his wife or other members. We might get home in time to grab a small nap before heading back to set things up for the evening service.

When I moved to Missouri as a field agent for the company, my work load was often pretty large. I would be on the road by 7 to get out to the courts, come home by 2 to put processes through to the company, make dinner for Papa and myself around 5, clean up, and then back on the computer to finish putting records through to the company, sometimes taking me up to 11 or 12.

It took me awhile to learn to sleep in a bit when I became disabled. Now I usually get up around 8 or 9, do my bible reading, fix breakfast, do some chores, make an early dinner, and then down for a nap. O love my naps because as I have gotten older, I’ve developed many aches and pains that seem to zap me of all my energy. Today I am thankful I now have the time to take naps.

August 2, 2016 – My Rocking Chair

My mother always had one of those wooden rocking chairs. It seems like there was always one in our living room. If it wore out, she bought another one. When it wasn’t in use, I used to love to sit in it and rock and read.

Not long ago I was given a rocking chair. This one was much more comfortable that the one my mom always had. It sits on my front porch. I may go out there several times a day, a sometimes a few times in the evening. I like to sit and rock and just look at the trees, listen to the birds, listen to my wind chimes when the wind blows or just watch the cars go by. I find it so relaxing just to sit there and rock.

If I have had a stressful day, or a pain filled day, I often go out there just to rock and relax for awhile. As I rock back and forth, I can feel the stress letting up and the pain getting weaker. Today I am thankful for my rocking chair.

August 3, 2016 – Smells

We use our noses to breath and smell. It is a very unique addition that God gave us. Not only do we breath through it, we smell through it, pleasant, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous odors. The sweet smell of flowers on the wind, the smell of freshly baked bread or a delicious dinner being cooked in the kitchen, or the smell of new baby’s skin are some of the most pleasant smells we enjoy.

The smell of a fresh mowed hay, the odors from a barnyard, the fragrance that wafts through the breeze of a garden full of fresh herbs and spices, and the smell of rain are a few others that we often find in nature that we enjoy. Some of them, like the barnyard, maybe a little pungent, but they reminds us of natural elements around us.

The smell of something sour in the house or outside could indicate that a small animals has died somewhere. An odor from the sink or bath tub could indicate that there is a blocked sewer line. The smell of smoke can alert us to a fire, and the smell of rotten eggs can mean there is a natural gas leak close by. These are some of the warning smells we experience.

Today I am thankful for my nose and being able to smell all the different odors and fragrances, the pleasant ones and the ones that could warn of danger.

August 4, 2016 – Fear

There have been levels in my life where I lived in constant fear; afraid that someone would break into the house and hurt me or my son because we lived in a crime filled neighborhood, or afraid that before the night was through, he would come home and beat me again. At some points I was forced to walk home in the middle of the night because I got off work too late to take a bus and couldn’t find a ride, and I would be afraid something might happen to me on the way.

I used to be afraid that something would happen to one of my family members, especially if I read or saw something on the news that happened in their town or neighborhood. I also lived with the fear that I would never be as good as other seemed to be, that I would never live up to anyone’s expectations of me. I was afraid to be around too many people, because they might laugh at me or say something mean to me.

I still have worries today, but they no longer fall under the heading of fear. Since I accepted Jesus, I have learned that a lot of the things I was afraid of, weren’t something I should have feared if I had faith in him. I still worry about loved ones who aren’t following the right path or live in dangerous areas, but I also have learned that these are things I must give the lord, that living in fear of them will not solve them.

Today I am thankful for the inner peace he gives me and the lack of fear.

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