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Best Friends, Getting Closer, Failures and Small Victories

doggieAugust 8, 2016 – Best Friends

I have never been a social butterfly. Even during my school years, I kept mostly to myself. In fact I only attended one school dance. I had few friends and fewer best friends in my life. I have a lot of friends now, most of them are friends I’ve made over the years, almost everyone of them is a Christian or former pastor of mine. I don’t talk a lot with any of them. I like their status and they like mine.

There are two friends on Facebook that I just recently reconnected with, and they were actually the only best friends that I had during my junior and high school days. We like each other status and every so often one of them will come to me with a prayer request or I will go to them. They were the first an only “best” friends I had in school and I am glad that we are reconnected.

I had another best friend “Ken” my deceased husband, but I was only allowed to have him for five years and then the Lord took him home. But, we serve an awesome God who foresees what we need before we even know we need it. Today I have four best friends, and each one of them hold a very special place in my heart. I know they are always there for me, I know they care for me, I know they love me.

Today I am thankful for my “Best” friend ever “Jesus” and for the other “Best” friends he has put in my life.

older woman prayingAugust 9, 2016 – Getting Closer

When I look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles and scars on my face, it reminds me that I am getting older each day. I never planned on being disabled, but with age and events in your life, many different medical and physical problems start showing up.

I won’t go into the whole list that keeps growing, but I take each appearance with as much grace as I can. Someone recently told me that they don’ t understand how I can handle the daily pain I’m in so gracefully. There is no secret, like anything else in your life that is a constant, you know it’s going to be there, you handle it the best you can, accept it and go on with life because it is not going away.

My older sister used to tell me she wasn’t afraid of dying, but she was afraid of getting older. Not me. I know that each day, week, month and year brings me closer to either the rapture or death, and both will take me in front of my Lord where I will spend eternity basking in his love.

Today I am thankful for each day that brings me closer to meeting Jesus face to face.

anger faceAugust 10, 2016 – Failures

We all fall short of the glory of God. There has only been one who was perfect – Jesus. We struggle every day with temptations and tribulations but Jesus knows it all. He sits and waits for us to call on his name, to cry out in our misery and anguish and then he acts on it.

We are allowed to fail because we are human, but with each failure we grow in our walk with God and we are to learn lessons from them: don’t make the same mistake over and over again. Through these failures we are allowed to learn what is the best path for us. We gain knowledge, we gain experience, and we learn to think a little more logical so that we don’t rush in head first.

Failures are not fun. They are a hit to our ego, they tend to make us feel embarrassed at times, and they can also add to PTSD and depression we might already have. It all depends on how we look at the failures, what we draw out of them, and the attitude with which we handle them. I fail at one thing or another every day of my life, and so does the rest of the human race, many just don’t want to admit it.

Today I am thankful for my failures. They serve to teach me something and they show me that I still have a lot of work to do. They actually create healthier goals for me, spiritually speaking.

laughterAugust 11, 2016 – Small Victories

My article about failures suggests we are to learn lessons each time we fail. We are to store knowledge from them and use that knowledge when the situation calls for it. Jesus sees everything that happens and he allows us to learn from our mistakes, but we also have to be willing to admit our failures, repent when necessary and try to do better. We will suffer because of our failures because that is how we learn from them. Everyone is accountable for what they do and must bear the consequences.

But, along with failure come victories. When we are able to use the knowledge we have gained in the right perspective, draw from it in another similar situation, we then accumulate small victories. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have used that knowledge to defeat Satan. Him and his minions work daily to make Christians suffer, sometimes tempting us, sometimes putting a block in our path, so those small victories count even more.

Today I am thankful for my small victories. When I know I have thrown a wrench into Satan’s machinery, it makes me feel that much better.

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