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Night Sky, The Birds, and the Butterfly

heavensAugust 12, 2016 – The Night Sky

On a clear summer night, I like to step out and look at the millions of stars in the heavens. I often wonder if any of them are angels, or perhaps a few of them are our loved ones looking down on us. It is a peaceful time, standing there, listening to the locusts, frogs and crickets chattering back and forth and feeling the gentle breezes blowing through the trees.

Sometimes I will see a falling star, and even though scientists claim these are falling meteors, I often think they could be angels traveling from one place to another. Enoch saw the pathways of the angels when he was taken up and shown so many things in heaven and earth.

I also like to walk out on the deck in the evening, just as the sun has set and there is a storm rolling in. As I watch the sudden flashes of lightening and hear the rolling thunder from the impending storm, I think about what a powerful being God is to have created all of this. I see the thick, fast moving billows of clouds traveling from the north to the south or south to north, and wonder where they go when they disappear.

Today I am thankful for the night sky. It is truly something marvelous and beautiful to behold.

Doves 001August 13, 2016 – The Birds

Toward the end of the month, when things get a little tight and I run out of bird seed, I tear up old bread to feed my friends on the deck. Each morning they line up on the railing, chirping and singing as if to remind me it’s time for breakfast.

It is not odd at all to see 20 or more sparrows, 4 or 5 doves, the pair of blue jays, the couple of cardinals and the pair of thrushes who have recently shown up, all sitting together, not fighting or arguing, waiting for their morning meal. I think, wouldn’t it be great if humanity could get along like that. I have watched them all eating in the same area or out of the same dish together. The only time there is any kind of disturbance is if a pack of starlings show up, then everyone else will take to flight.

There were quite a bit of starlings at the beginning of summer, and that upset me. I felt bad for all the other birds, because they are such pigs. They take over the whole area, they are aggressive and territorial, not letting anyone else near the food. I had to go out and chase them away many times so the other birds could come and eat.

The starlings are gone now, probably attacking the grain fields and playing havoc with the farmers crops. They are basically scavengers that not only eat up seeds and grain, but will also attack and eat small animals and road kill. Every once in awhile, one will land to eat, but he waits his turn because he is now out numbered by the other birds.

Many of the birds have gotten use to me coming out on the deck. They won’t let me approach them, but the doves, especially the babies, will not fly away when I come out. I have had a cardinal fly down on the railing near me, and a blue-jay a little farther away, scolding me, I think, because he doesn’t want me around when he is eating.

Today I am thankful for the birds that come to my deck to feed. I talk to them and sometimes I feel like they can actually understand me.

blue butterlyAugust 14, 2016 – The Butterfly

This morning, when I stepped out on the back deck, there was a butterfly skittering around on the floor. Every so often it would fly up to the railing and just sit there, folding and unfolding it’s beautiful wings. It looked like it could have been a young monarch by the coloring. I could be mistaken, maybe it was just a huge, colorful moth?

Pretty soon this little skittering butterfly flew back down to the floor of the deck, this time very near to my feet. I backed up a little because I didn’t want to accidentally step on him, but he kept close to me. I stood and talked to eat for a little while, telling it I wouldn’t hurt it and telling it how very beautiful it was.

Pretty soon I bent down, and laid my had, palm up, next to it. Within a few seconds it crawled up on my hand. I was thrilled that this tiny little creature, that I could crush so very easily in a few seconds actually trusted me not to harm it. I brought my hand up slowly to in front of my face and talked to it for a few more seconds. It stayed there on my hand for at least 10 seconds then flew back down to around my feet.

Moments like this just make my day. When something that small will put it’s trust in me, then nothing else matters at that moment. This will stay on my mind and bring a smile to my lips for the whole day.

Today I am thankful for that little butterfly that trusted me not to harm it.

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