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Good News, Positive People, and True Doctors

Legs in SPA

August 15, 2016 – Good News

Everyone likes to get get news, at least once in awhile. Finding out problem has been solved, receiving an unexpected blessing, or hearing of something good that happened to a friend or family member can often brighten an otherwise bleary day.

We tend to get stressed when we are awaiting news. For example, tests run at the hospital don’t always get run immediately, the results are often delayed or the Doctor’s office is too busy to call. Some medical establishment don’t call unless there is a severe problem, they let the patient follow up on the results.

My foot has been giving me a lot of pain lately. It’s been going on for over a month now. My wise doctor sent me to x-ray and then scheduled me to see an orthopedic doctor, all within the range of about two weeks, and given the work load many of these physicians have, that is pretty quick.

When it first started, the whole foot was swollen, especially up by the big toe. Even though the swelling has subsided for the most part, the toe still pained me, and pretty soon it was the arch, the ankle and the ball of the foot too. I assumed it was a sever gout attack. Doc thought it might be stress fractures because of my age and medical issues.

When I saw the orthopedic doctor, he said there were no broken bones and no stress fractures. He diagnosed me with “Turf Toe”, a condition often mostly associated with athletes, however he said that a severe gout attack could have caused it, but more than likely I miss-stepped or jammed my toe without realizing I did it. He also said the the pain and swelling in the ankle, ball of the foot and the arch was because of the way I walked when it hurt.

The cure? Keep it elevated as much as possible, use ice and heat, increase my anti-inflammatory to three times a day instead of twice, keep taking my apple cider vinegar for the gout and I should see definite improvement in a few weeks. This was all good news because when I looked up stress fractures there was the chance of having surgery and wearing a cast for awhile which would inhibit my ability to drive and get around.

Today I am thankful for good news.

Jesus with children 2August 16, 2016 – Positive People

I spent a large chunk of my life around negative people. They were always complaining about something. There was always something going wrong. If they had attempted to smile at some point it might have cracked their face (little joke there).

If you hang around with miserable, negative people too much, you, too can start picking up on their negativity. Instead of seeing the good things in your life, you start seeing all the “not so good” things. You start dwelling on the days that go wrong, problems you can’t fix, and even the problems and complaints of these negative people.

In 1992 God started moving me away from all this negative environment. He started showing me how to look for the blessings in my life and they greatly out numbered the negative. That is one reason I started this blog, to talk about the positive things in my life.

The difference between a large city and a small town is the fact that you deal with less people on a daily basis. You aren’t battling to get through crowds on the streets, in public buildings or mall and stores. You are less likely to run into incidents of road rage, rudeness and irresponsible, irritable people who just push past you in their hurry to get somewhere and do something.

No matter where I go here, people know me by name, even at the hospital and Walmart, even just walking down the street. It is such a blessing to be walking somewhere and pass someone who stops to say “hi Lori” and spend a few moments of their day chatting with you.

When I go to the hospital or doctors office, they don’t call me Mrs. Carter or Lorraine, it’s always “Lori” and they aren’t clinical, they don’t just talk about my medical needs and throw prescriptions at me. They treat my like family. They truly want to know how things are going and they like to share what’s happening in their neck of the woods. Just the other day, one of the nurses asked me if I wanted some of the apples they had picked and left a big bag of them for me to pick up (now I owe her a homemade apple cake “smile”)

Today I am thankful for all the positive people God has put in my life.

laughterAugust 17, 2016 – True Doctors

I had mentioned in the first article on this page about the problems with my foot. In this small town I have been blessed with a caring and friendly physicians. He not only cares about my medical needs, but about my life in general. We chat about different things that are happening in our families for a few minutes at the end of my appointment.

The same thing happens with the cashiers at Walmart, the people at the food bank, the people at the thrift stores we go to and just so many others in this town. You don’t find them rushing around like lunatics, they are way more laid back than those in bigger cities.

My doctor is what I would call a true doctor. He doesn’t just throw prescriptions at me and walk out of the room. He really cares about me as a person, he really cares about what is going on in my life. He hugged me and told me he was sorry to hear about my son’s death a few months ago. I had an appointment with him just a few days later. He even told me to let him know if there was anything he could do.

Last week when I went to see the “foot” doctor, I found in him another “True” doctor and he made it no secret that he believed in God. He talked to me about the ailment, explained in detail about it and made references to “thanking God” for my healing.

Doctors, today are pushed to extremes. In our clinic there is a sign that says if you have been there more than 15 minutes to let the clerks at the desk know. I assume this means that the “higher-ups” expect these doctors to be able to see and diagnose a patient within fifteen minutes. That has to be really tough on them to meet those kind of standards.

Both these doctors take all the time it needs to diagnose my problems, chat with me as a friend before pushing me out the door. They are true doctors in every sense of the word, they truly care about their patients.

Today I am thankful for “True Doctors”.

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