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Amazing God, Forgiveness and Seasons

Hands holding the worldAugust 27, 2016 – Amazing God

I’m always looking for natural methods to treat the medical issues I have. I hate the fact that I have to put so many different chemical concoctions in my system as none of them are good. They all have potential side effects like headache, nausea, vomiting, rash, or drowsiness. Sadly to say, many of them go much further when taken for longer periods of time.

There are drugs, approved by the FDA that can actually kill you, some quicker than others, so when I read about the ones that can cause heart attacks, kidney failure, breathing difficulties or death, I am very leery about taking them.

The medical field has become a very large industry. In our doctors office there is a sign that says if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes to please inform the clerk. This indicates, to me anyway, that they expect the doctors to see four patients an hour. While medical methods have advanced fully, I still don’t see how a doctor can safely diagnose a patient accurately in fifteen minutes, and think of the pressure it puts on them too!

I recently posted some articles about a severe problem I was having with my feet. One doctor sent me to another doctor, and then I ended up in the ER, being seen for only about 5 minutes and then sent home with more prescriptions, one of which I was allergic to.

I got the one prescription filled and I had planned on starting the medicine the next morning until I read the possible side effects, one of which was “death” if too much of the medicine was taken. I had requested prayer and several people were praying for me, so I prayed again the night before I was starting the medicine, asking God to please make it possible that I wouldn’t have to take this drug.

When I woke up the next morning, the foot was almost back to normal. I continued treating it with natural remedies that can be found in most household cabinets and now there is just a little swelling left on one side of the ankle. I forgot what an Amazing God we serve. Today I am thankful for that Amazing God.

EasterAugust 28, 2016 – The Prodigal Son

I had written down forgiveness for today’s subject. I hadn’t had a chance to start writing because it was time to go to Church. Because of extenuating circumstances I don’t attend a regular church. My Church is the Christian Worship Hour on one of the local stations and my Pastor is Pastor Salem. He’s in his 90’s and has been preaching for over 60 years, has been on the television on Sundays for over 36 years and he preaches from the bible.

It really is a simple service with out all the glitter, light shows, pop music and shouting that is found now on most of the television evangelist shows. There are no videos, no choirs, no special appearances by famous preachers, no testimonials and no showy special effects. He’s doesn’t preach about monetary or material gains. It is simple, down to earth, bible teaching.

Today his sermon was about the Prodigal Son. I found that very interesting since it is a story about forgiveness. The son asks for his share of the inheritance and runs off and squanders it. Then he realizes that even his father’s servants are better off than he is. Upon his arrival home, his father is forgiving and generous. He dresses him in the best robes, puts a ring on his finger and kills the fatted calf.

It falls right in with this line from Amazing Grace: I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

When I look at who I was in the past and who I am today I am amazed, for there were several times in my life that I was a horrible person. I didn’t care about anyone, let alone wanting to help anyone. I used the excuse that I was just trying to survive. Even if you are trying to survive, it is no excuse to be a bad person.

When I remember the day that Jesus took my sins away, the day that he forgave me, I am truly amazed at his grace. He continues to forgive me each day, just for the asking, because I am human and I make human mistakes. See, we are all similar to the Prodigal Son. We have all wandered away, said and done things that are against our Father’s wishes at one time or another in our lives, yet he forgives us and he and the Angels rejoice when we come home. Today I am thankful for his forgiveness.

the four seasonsAugust 29, 2016 – Changing Seasons

I truly love all the seasons. Even when the weather acts funny like it has over the last several years, there is still a big difference between each season. Winter comes with his ice and snow, and the ground sleeps beneath it. Spring jumps in with sun and budding plants and the world seems to leap to life. Summer is just around the corner with her hotter days, her summer showers and her blue, blue skies, then Fall rushes in with a plethora of reds, yellows, browns and oranges and the leaves start falling from the trees as the cycle gets ready to start again.

Not all the seasons are friendly to this aging body of mine. The coldness of winter gets into the bones and just makes me ache all over, but there still is nothing like looking out the window at a new, pristine snow covering the ground. The Spring Showers creep in to those bones again and the allergy season starts to hit, but there still is nothing like looking at all the greenery come to life.

Summer comes in with parched days or high humidity that triggers my migraines, but there still isn’t anything like watching all the brilliantly colored flowers bloom,the birds and butterflies flitting from place to place and the warm breezes floating through the trees. Fall shows up with her mild temperatures and I have to start digging out my winter gear, but there is nothing that compares to the sight of the sun gleaming off the multi-colored leaves. Today I am thankful for all the seasons.

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