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Yard Sales, Trees, Pictures and Choices

junkSeptember 6, 2016 – Yard Sales

I have known people that would never think of buying something used, but other than electronics, just about everything I have ever had was used. When most kids were being taken to Sears, K-Mart or Walmart for new school clothes, I was being taken to Good Will, the Salvation Army, or watching my mom take apart one of her dresses to make me something new.

Our little town has a tradition. Twice during the summer they hold a “City Wide” garage sale. Some of the people in town actually hold a yard sale every weekend. I have always found great items at these sales at prices I can afford. For example, I own 2 Vera Wang blouses, brand new and only paid about a buck for each. I own a well preserved, antique couch that I only paid 20.00 for.

All of the furniture in my house, other than the washer and dryer are used items. That includes the stove, the refrigerator, beds, tables, chairs, lamps etc. Each one that I have was bought from a thrift store or a yard sale. They all came from good, clean homes. In a way, I am glad that these people have yard sales for not only are they making a few extra bucks, they are helping people like me who cannot afford to buy items brand new. Today I am thankful for yard sales. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. (Williams and Robert Chambers Journal of Popular Literature, Science and Arts 1879)

starry skiesSeptember 7, 2016 – Trees

Have you ever really thought about trees? There are thousands of species, each with their own colored bark and leaves, each with different types of wood, growing in different places all over the world. Trees are truly one of Gods gifts to mankind, for it was from trees that papyrus was formed to hold the written word, and it was from trees that huts were built to live in, and it was from trees that carts were made to haul our belongings.

Trees were used to make fences, furniture, dishes, utensils, farming equipment and paper. It was trees that formed our first bridges, that gave us a shady place to rest and provided homes to millions of insects and birds. It was a tree that made the first wheel, that helped build the first plane, the first boat, the first structured churches and schools.

From trees we have harvested a variety of nuts and fruits and the bark, roots and leaves of many trees have been used for medicinal purposes. Trees also protect us from wind and rain, shade our house, decorate our yards and have held a child’s first swing. Today I am thankful for trees.

Jesus with children 2September 8, 2016 – Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words” was a quote used by Newspaper editor Tess Flanders in 1911. It has been used ever since then by millions of people. When you look at the picture, you don’t need to be told what is going on, the camera catches it all. Families get professional photographers to take a family picture several times in a life time, and the facial expressions give you an insight to what each person may be feeling. Maybe that is where “say cheese” came from, because it would cause the person to look like they are smiling.

With today’s advances in technology, with cameras that can catch the bat of an eye, with video cameras that can catch everything that is happening instantly, the pictures that flash across our screen when watching the news are sometimes violent, saddening, and horrifying. Events unfold in front of us exactly as they are being played out, nothing is hidden unless the video is edited before it is shown.

I used to always carry a small, disposable camera with me. I have graduated to a larger, more advanced camera that I can download to my computer. With these kind of cameras, you can keep your most precious pictures on a storage device or your phone and share them anywhere you go, or you can choose to print out copies to send to family and friends.

I love to take pictures of nature, the trees, flowers, forest, birds, possums, rabbits and insects. I like to catch them in their natural habitat, doing what they do naturally everyday in their quest for survival. I also take pictures of my family, sometimes sharing them on social media, and I enjoy looking at the pictures others post.

My grandchildren all live in other states so when their parents or they, themselves, post a picture, I save it, because that is the only way I will have current pictures of them. But, there are other types of pictures, those that have been drawn or painted by a person. I find many of these enjoyable. I have, on my wall, a set of pictures of a covered bridge and a barn. I have often stared at them for some time, looking at the vibrant colors, the brush strokes, the way everything was organized.

I often wonder what it would have been like if they could have taken pictures back in the days of the bible. Today I am thankful for pictures.

older woman prayingSeptember 9, 2016 – Choices

God created us with a free will. This means that we can make decisions on our own. Of course, his plan was to teach us how to make the right choices, but when his own angels rebelled, it wasn’t long before man started making the wrong choices. It happened all the way back near the beginning when Eve made the choice to eat the forbidden fruit and share it with Adam.

Since then, mankind has had a hard time making the right choices. If mankind had stayed with the rules and regulations that God gave him, there probably would never have been any wars, murderers, rapists, thieves or the like. Everyone would have enjoyed a serene, quiet, peaceful long life.

Humans have the habit of letting others help them make their choices. It only takes one drug pusher to convince several others to try his drugs. It only takes one thief to convince some of his friends that it is alright to steal and only takes so many stories about murderers to convince others it is alright to murder.

But, given that free will, we have the ability to make the right choices. If we stop to look at something, from every angle, with forethought, we can and will make good choices. We can choose to be kind, helpful, loving and honest. We can choose to leave the possessions of others alone and work for what we want, we can choose to let God take away our anger instead of hurting or murdering someone who has wronged us.

Today I am thankful that God has taught me to talk to him when I have hard choices to make.


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