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He’s Under my Feet

Legs in SPA

I know that I am really behind on posting. I actually had six articles that I had been working on, had them all laid out to finish off today only to find that my word program did not save them. I rewrote them all, all six earlier this afternoon, went to save them, actually saved them twice but when I just went in to post them on the site, they, too are gone.

This is very disappointing. It would be enough to make me walk away, but I won’t. Evidently Satan doesn’t like what I am doing and is trying to discourage me from continuing. Guess what !!!!! That is not going to happen. Until I find out what is wrong with my word program, I will be copying and pasting them to site right away and saving them in draft there until I have tweaked them to my satisfaction.

It will take a few days to go back and find my titles and the verses I had to go with them, but I will not be deterred. I will get them up here and I will continue to write them, I just may have to save them a different way.

Be Blessed and Believe!!

Satan is under my feet and that is where he will stay !!!!!!!!

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