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Being an American

american flagSeptember 24, 2016 – Being an American

It is very evident that our country no longer holds the status that it once did. Even though it was built on the laws of God, that belief is swiftly being swept aside. Groups pop up here and there, demanding that prayer be taken out of schools, slogans on billboards referring to Christianity be taken down, statues of religious nature or depicting the Ten Commandments be removed.

We have opened our borders from the start to anyone who wanted to live a free life, to worship as they saw fit and enjoy basic freedoms, but we did not include in that invitation the changing of our laws, our customs or our heritage. There are those who would have us change to their beliefs, trying very hard to force them down our throats by throwing out our history, lobbying for new laws that take our religious rights and freedom of speech away.

Too many in our governments and societies strive too hard to please everyone by changing our spiritual rights into what others from other countries want. We invited people to come live here and be free, not to come here and demand we change our country to please them.

Still, our country has more freedoms than most. We have poverty, sure, but it has never reached the numbers of some third world countries. We are not under the control of the military like so many other countries are, being told what they can say, how many children they can have, who they can marry, what they learn in school and where they can live.

We don’t have to worry that we will be arrested because we voiced our opinion, although it seems many are trying to install this law also. We don’t have to worry about being shot by a soldier because we are out after curfew, and we don’t have to live in fear of them entering our homes and doing or taking whatever they want, at least not yet.

I remember how proud I felt when we would say the Pledge of Allegiance in school and my eyes would be rimmed with tears when we sang our National Anthem, but even these are being taken out of our schools and public arenas because some consider them to be racist or biased.

Still, we can own our own homes, shop where we want, go to school and learn the trade that we want as a career. We can marry, have children, and build a life with more rights and freedoms than most countries. Today I am still thankful to be an American.

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