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Trust and Changing Lanes

Hands holding the worldSeptember 22, 2016 – Trust

We live in a mixed up world where just about anything is acceptable. Many of our churches have fallen by the wayside because they strive to be popular instead of truthful. They change their bylaws and the bylaws of God to fit what the people want, hoping these efforts bring more people in the doors and more money into their coffers. It is a sorry state of affairs.

When you have churches installing gay pastors, which is strictly against Gods Word, creating an atmosphere that is more like a heavy metal concert than a worship service, overlooking lies, gossip, and crime (by not commenting on it or by ignoring) and preaching about personal gain, where do you go for the truth. Who can you trust to lead you in the right direction.

Pastors are the shepherds of the people, even though they are people themselves. And yes, often they mess up and fall from grace, but when they purposely go against the bible, teaching their own agenda or that of the “big” tithers in the church, then they have morphed into being a business or political group rather than being the leaders they were called to be.

It is hard to know who to trust anymore. People lie, pad the truth, exaggerate and cheat just to get that extra buck in their pocket or to make them acceptable in certain “social” circles. Agreeing with what is wrong, accepting wrong behavior by looking the other way or ignoring it is the same thing as lying. It still sends a misleading message to the sheep.

Today I am thankful that I can trust Jesus, he never fails, he never lies, he never cheats or misleads.

road-signSeptember 23, 2016 – Changing Lanes

Our lives our an ongoing adventure of sorts. They may start out slow and easy, speed up and become erratic or get caught in a ditch. We go through many levels, good and bad, and we have to learn to work through each of them without getting caught up in the “woe is me” attitude.

It’s like driving through a construction site. Part of the way is finished and all smoothed out, part of the way is bumpy and needs a lot of work and another part is in the process and is slowing down the traffic. You can find yourself changing lanes quite often just to get through the construction area.

Our minds work at a very quick pace, hundreds of thoughts clashing in on each other all at once can get very confusing and we can make a lot of mistakes along the way. If you take a driving course, they teach you how to safely and easily change lanes. Maybe we need a driving course for life. I know the perfect drivers ed teacher that can teach you how to change lanes. Today I am thankful Jesus teaches me how to change lanes.

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