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Catching Up

bibleSeptember 28, 2016 – Leviticus 26

I’ve read the bible several times and it seems that every time I read it, I find something that I missed before. We’ve all heard throughout our lifetimes, about what a punisher God was. As little children we were probably taught that he could strike us with a bolt of lightening if we didn’t do like we were supposed to, at least that is how I remember him being portrayed when I was small.

I’ve also listened to sermons that tell how God allowed the people to be punished, how he in fact sent famines and plagues on them when they turned their back and started worshiping idols. Yes, in the old days, there were times that he his rule demanded that sacrifices be made to him, but I don’t think it was the sacrifices he cared about, it was the obedience he wanted from his people.

When Jesus became the final sacrifice, it wasn’t a sign that obedience to God should be stopped. He loved us and he set rule by which the live, rules, besides the lessons of obedience that would form us into a functioning, right minded society.

God always wanted to forgive us. He didn’t just punish people because he enjoyed it, it was because of disobedience, the same reason a parent punishes their child. In Leviticus 26, he states several times over that if his children would seek his face, return to obedience, he would forgive them and restore to them all that was taken away. It is really an interesting chapter to read. Today I am thankful for a forgiving God.

older woman prayingSeptember 29, 2016 – Social Security

We live in a great country, no matter all the faults it has, no matter how much it has changed over the centuries, it is still a great country. Some of the people living here just need an attitude adjustment and that will come in due time.

Many years ago, if someone became disabled they had very few choices. They could ask family members for help, they could beg on the street, or they could be put into a charity house or hospital where they were soon forgotten and never received the actual help they needed.

We were one of the first and only countries that developed a system that would support disabled people and the elderly when they could no longer work. Through taxes and payroll deductions, we invested in this program that would help us in later years.

Although there are rumors and stories that the fund ins running dry because of fraudulent uses of our money, I pray that this will never happen. I paid into this program until I was 57, for 40 years, and it was what I had to depend on when I became disabled. If it weren’t for this program, I would probably be living in a cardboard box under the railroad tracks somewhere. Today I am thankful for Social Security and Social Security Disability.

campfireSeptember 30, 2016 – Heat

I have lived through very poor periods in my life. At one time we cooked on a Coleman stove in the kitchen, washed clothes in cold water in the tub, and watched a television that was hooked up to an old car battery. We walked around in layers of clothes and bundled up in blankets. There was one kerosene heater for a 3 bedroom house and we didn’t leave it on at night. How we managed to make it without our water pipes freezing up is still a mystery, or is it?

I’ve had apartments that depended on radiant heat and many times a lot of the radiators didn’t work, and I have had apartments where the furnace broke down and the landlord sent over one small space heater. I’ve lived in places where no matter how high the heat was turned on, the walls were so thin and the windows so drafty that you never could get warm.

I live in a well insulated house now with a newer furnace. I have a landlady who keeps up on repairs. It never fails that if I have to call her, someone is there the same day or the next day. Today I am thankful for heat.

ER -articlesOctober 1, 2016 – Medical Research

Blood letting, leaches, concoctions made from plants pulled up in the woods, incantations and spells, and prayer used to be the only methods of healing. Some may have worked since there are many plants that have medicinal properties, and prayer is always answered one way or another. I don’t believe in incantations or spells for that is against the laws of God, and they found out decades ago that leaches and bloodletting only weaken a person.

I firmly believe that the medicines that do work without harming the body are gifts from God. I believe they were only discovered because God allowed it, he still loves us and since most people don’t believe in miracles anymore, it is his way of helping us cure diseases and be well.

I also believe that some medicines are of the devil. Pain killers that cause people to become addicted, medicines that kill you before they can cure you, and ones that cause such horrendous side effects that people often wish they were dead are not what a loving God would allow us to create.

I’ve had doctors who like to throw prescriptions around like confetti. At one time I was taking 28 pills a day for problems I didn’t even have. When I finally found a doctor that cared, he ran the necessary tests and took me off all of them.

But I still believe that our medical researchers, through the help of God, find treatments and cures everyday that are good, that fight against disease, cure illnesses and relieve pain, so today I am thankful for medical research.

libraryOctober 2, 2016 – The Word of God

Have you ever really gotten into the word of God, I mean really read it, meditated on it, sought it out, researched it and understood it? I’m on my fourth or fifth reading of the bible. I have read the KJV a few times, the Good News version, and the NIV, and right now I am reading the Prophecy Study Bible put out by John Hagee.

No matter how many times I re-read a part of the bible, I always find something that I missed, something that speaks directly to me when I need it. It seems that I find just the right book, chapter and verses that apply to what I am going through in sad or sorrowful times. I love reading about the love of the lord, the miracles he did and the promises he made.

I love reading the old testament also, the history of mankind and his relationship with God. I am discovering so much that I have missed in my other readings. Each morning, first thing I read a chapter from the Old testament and a chapter from the New Testament. I’ve heard many people say they only read the New Testament because it applies to our lives today, because it is the writings that tell about Jesus, but there are references over and over again to him in the Old Testament.

I find, in the Old Testament, much knowledge on how we should still live our lives. Jesus even said that we should follow the ten commandments as well as loving one another unconditionally, but when you go through the chapters that get into detail about the laws Moses passed on, there is just so much more to learn about how to live a full and Godly life.

Trust, honor, love and loyalty are four basics that have been forgotten in todays world by many people. There are so many that believe, because we can be forgiven, that it is alright to purposely commit sin, and that is so twisted around from the truth. Today I am so thankful for the Word of God.

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