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Nature and God is in Control

lakeOctober 11, 2016 – Nature

Even as a small child I have been drawn to nature. Even when my mom tried to limit my activities due to my asthmatic condition, I was always sneaking off and running through any fields I could find, or walking through any wooded areas. I used to love to lay on the grass in the summer and watch the white, fluffy clouds float by and the birds flying about.

Sadly, I ended up spending many years in the concrete jungles of this country. In fact I was so shocked when we moved to Cleveland, Ohio that I wrote my foster sister that when it rained “mud rolled down the walls of the buildings.” When I lived in Vermont, I just loved looking up at the mountains that surrounded us and when I lived in Florida I couldn’t get enough of the ocean and beach.

I was standing on the back deck this morning, it was like a Spring day. The sky was completely clear, there was a soft breeze blowing, the birds were chirping and flying from tree to tree, and the Blue Jay was yelling at me because it wanted to come down to feed but didn’t want me around. One of the squirrels was busy out in the yard, digging one place, running to another and digging again, busy burying his finds for the Winter months. Today I am so thankful for the peaceful and wonderful nature that surrounds me.

Hands holding the worldOctober 12, 2016 – God is in Control

We can do everything possible to be in control of our lives, but sadly we cannot control those of people we care about. In this day and age, kids are becoming adults too quickly, being raised around drugs, alcohol, violence. murder and hate. Everyday you read about violence in our schools, violence in the home, murders and bullying and devastation. Each day you read or hear about terrorist activities, civil unrest, bad habits of famous people including pornography, pedophilia, rape, drug use, verbal abuse and physical abuse.

It seems like there is no safe haven to live in or to raise your children in. No matter how you try to protect them, they are exposed to all the nastiness in this world. Even in school, with transgender bathrooms, racial tensions, gang related activities, they can end up being abused, sometimes for simply stating their opinion. How confusing it must get for these children when the parents are trying to raise them the right way.

I have grandchildren and great nieces and nephews who are being exposed to all of this ugliness, and sadly some of it is in the home, where parents don’t know how to be parents or where the children have been removed and placed in uncaring group homes or foster care. How lost they must feel. But, my hands are tied, I am not a billionaire or I would be gathering them all up, buying a mansion, paying for them to be home schooled and protected from this horrible society we live in. Today I am thankful, that no matter what is happening elsewhere, in my life, I know that God is still in control.

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