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One Day at a Time, Organized Days and Specialists

sunrise-in-the-countryOctober, 13, 2016 – One Day at a Time

We like our lives organized, planning our days, weeks and months out to fit our lifestyle, but sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. Vacations can be canceled in a moments notice because of emergency situations or illness. Family get together may not turn out the way they are planned because some members are unable to attend. That movie you planned for date night might have to close for unseen reasons or the restaurant with your reservations might mess up and make it for the wrong day.

So many things can change with a moments notice. One minute you are energized and well, the next you are so sick you can’t stand. One day you are talking to a relative or a friend and the next day they are gone. One day you are working and the next you may find you have been fired or laid off. One day you are married and the next you may be divorced. The only long term guarantee in life is Jesus.

Today I am thankful that he taught me a long time ago to take one day at a time.

ClocksOctober 14, 2016 – Organized Days

I can remember the days when I was organized. I would have my clothes for work laid out, the coffee ready to turn on, my paperwork printed out for the courts and breakfast ready to be fixed. The dishes and house were cleaned up before I went to bed and I felt like I had complete control over everything in my life.

Those days are long passed. Since I became disabled I find, that for the most part, I cannot be organized because I don’t know what the next day might bring. Sure, I can make my appointments with the doctor, but there are the occasional ER visits that weren’t planned. And I can make a list of what I want to get done in a day but there is no guarantee I won’t wake up with the arthritis out of whack or a severe migraine.

Every so often though, things fall into place the way I want to them. I do have days where I accomplish what I have listed to do. I have days where everything goes just as smooth as silk, without any interruptions or glitches. Today I am thankful for those organized days.

crossOctober 15, 2016 – Specialists

I can remember, as a young teenager, when we moved back home with mom, if I was ill, she would call the doctor and he would come out to the house. He carried one of those little black bags that had everything except the kitchen sink. I think they could deduce from the phone call what might be going on and that is why they always seemed to have a bottle of the right medicine with them.

Medical research has advanced very far since those days. Now everyone is specializing in something. There are cardiac doctors, pediatricians, internal medicine, arthritis, rheumatologists, neurologists, doctors for your head, your feet, your hands, your stomach or just about any part of the body or any type of disease you can name.

While most primary care doctors don’t specialize they now have the option to send you to the right doctor. I’ve seen plenty of them. Pulmonary doctors, neurologists, orthopedic doctors, psychologists, gynecologists and rheumatologists just to name a few. Today I am thankful for all of these specialists.

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