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Universal Healer, Understanding and Tests

ER -articlesOctober 16, 2016 – Universal Healer

He raised the dead back to life. He made the blind to see and the lame to walk. He healed the lepers and cast out demons. During the three years of his earthly ministry he healed them, he resurrected them and he taught them God’s ways and the path to heaven.

He sent his disciples out with the power to heal and cast out demons and to spread the word of his love, mercy and forgiveness and then he walked that path to Golgotha where he was nailed to a cross, died as the last sacrifice for the sin of man, rose again on the third day, appeared in various locations to his disciples and was taken up to heaven, sending them shortly afterward the Holy Spirit to help them in his absence.

He performed miracles that can never be matched, even though magicians, spiritualists and Satanic followers have tried. In the last days, there will appear those who seem to have these miraculous powers, but they will still just be parlor tricks, they will never be real.

Many go to him in prayer for the sick, the lost and the dying, and he still performs miracles each and every day, but these are not the stories that you read in the local newspaper or hear on the nightly newscasts. He is and always will be the Universal healer, the healer of the sick and infirm, healer of the soul and heart, healer of everything. Today I am thankful that I know the Universal healer.

common senseOctober 17, 2016 – Understanding

I have questioned the Lord on several occasions. I’m not saying that he answered my questions, but I have still asked them. I know we are not meant to understand everything about him, everything he allows or everything he does, but that is because he is God, the only God, the creator of everything, and he is not accountable to us. More, we are accountable to him.

No one leads a life of perfection. Nothing but the Ten Commandments is written in stone. We all go through depression, illness, the loss of loved ones, divorce, financial crisis, employment problems, problems in the home and all the rest. Whether we are rich or poor or in-between, we suffer many different events and circumstances in our lives. He never did promise us that life on earth would be a utopia.

But there are times he helps us to understand, times he shows us in different ways the answers to the questions we have. I will use two examples: I didn’t understand why Ken had to die, but he showed me by example that he had done what I asked. I asked for his suffering to stop, for him to be healed and he did this by taking him home and giving him a new body, one that will never suffer from illness again, will never hurt again and will last forever.

With my sons recent death, I questioned him again, and again he showed me that he had healed him also. He will never cry out because of his struggle with addictions again, his cancer is gone, his broken heart is healed, and he has a new, glorious body that will never age, never hurt and never experience disease or illness again.

Today I am thankful he helps me to understand why he allows and does certain things.

bibleOctober 18, 2016 – Tests

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts” (Psalm 139:23).

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials, so that you may be mature and complete” (James 1:2, 4).

We all go through times that are not pleasant. Maybe we lose a job or our marriage goes bad. Maybe a close friend or relative dies, or someone you know is hurt in an horrible accident. Possibly you might lose your home, or your children are rebelling. There are so many different things that can happen to us today.

Our technological advances have made life easier, or so we think, but even before we had cars and trains and planes, accidents happened on farms, or when traveling across the country. Crime was still crime, with people killing the innocent just to get what they had, and there were still murders, assaults, pornography, slavery, and religious and political differences, all the way back to the biblical days.

Even in the time of Moses, the people rebelled against him several times and did not Cain murder his brother Abel? Didn’t the children of Israel end up in slavery or being tortured and killed for their beliefs on several occasions? The difference today is that we have news reporting agencies, papers, magazines, television and internet that give you the news as it happens.

God doesn’t do bad things to us, but he allows some things to happen as a result of our wrong decisions and actions. The devil is still on the loose and will be until the final judgment and is walking around like a lion looking to devour the sheep. It is during those times that our faith is tested and it is up to us whether we will cave in and follow the lead of Satan or hold fast to the faith we have in our God.

God knows our heart, he knows our mind, he knows how many hairs we have on our head. He allows these test of faith because, in the end, they will increase our faith and make us stronger against our adversary, the Devil. Today I am thankful for these test that increase my faith and make me stronger.

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