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Flawed, Cures and Politics

eyeNovember 6, 2016 – Flawed

The bible says that God made each one of us unique. No two people are completely identical, not even identical twins. There is something different in each one of them. I’ve know a few sets, and truthfully, when I first met them I couldn’t tell the difference, but as I got to know them, I could detect differences in their looks, voices, and personalities.

He knows us inside out, knows the number of hairs on our heads, designed each of us to be unique and different. You know how, sometimes, you look at siblings standing next to each other, you can pick out certain traits they have that resemble one or the other parent, but each one is uniquely different, even from the parent they resemble.

There is no perfect human, we all have flaws. Right handed people will have everything on the right side of their body slightly larger and different from the left and vice versa for left handed individuals. One leg might be slightly longer, one arm stronger, fingers slightly longer, one eye slightly larger, one ear slightly larger or lower down on the side of the head.

Some people are born with birth marks, some with odd colored eyes, and I won’t even get into the genetic make up. Individuals in one family can have different blood types, that is why they are not always good candidates for donating organs to their relatives.

Some people are born with rare genetic diseases, others are born with different defects. No one can determine exactly what a child might be born with even though medical researchers have developed different methods for screening for specific traits. I’ve read so many stories of couples who were told their child wouldn’t make it, but the child beat all the odds.

We are all made with different personalities, different ways of thinking and learning. No two of us are exactly alike in any respect. We are beautifully designed and created by God to be completely individual. Today I am thankful for the flaws that make me who I am.

medicine-bottlesNovember 7, 2016 – Cures

In biblical days God was the healer, then Jesus arrived and he was the healer, and he passed that wonderful miracle on to the disciples, but as man progressed, he no longer learned to be dependent on God for his healing. But the Lord was prepared and knew ahead of time that the faith of man would be tested, would diminish and that man would start leaning toward his own methods to survive.

God created the earth with the sustenance, plants and animals for us to be fed with, but also herbs and plants that would aid in healing. If you researched backwards, you would find that there are many different medicinal plants that have been used for centuries and are still used by many people. For example honey and lemon both have antibacterial properties. Cayenne derived from hot peppers will relieve inflammation.

My doctor recently told me that many of the medicines made today are derived from some of these natural remedies. Researchers have found ways to duplicate the properties and create them in mass quantities to meet the needs of the population. He said that some of the medicines available today are made directly from herbs and plants.

Although there are not cures for every disease, most of them, today can be treated, slowed down and in some cases completely cured. Not all medicines work for everyone. Each persons system is different so treatments and cures are usually found by trying several different substances until the right one for that person is found. God has allowed this because we no longer rely on miracle cures from him, but he still loves us and this is one way he shows us. Today I am thankful for the remedies and cures that work on my diseases and make life easier and more pain free.

Hands holding the worldNovember 8, 2016 Politics

Politics has become a very big business around the world, not just in this country, many other free countries as well. And just like other countries, some our elected politicians are less than honest, many who are suspected of bribing and threatening people into voting for them. It has literally become a battle ground with rumors of violence, murder, and immorality attached.

I don’t affiliate with any particular party, never have, and it seems that when I have voted, it was only to pick the lesser of the two evils. There are so many different needs in any given country that no elected politician can please everyone. Certain ethnic groups claim they are being discriminated against, even though many of them are career criminals. Disable and poor people never seem to get all of the help they need and the rich just seem to get richer as they use the poorer as their stepping stones to the top, and prejudice abounds in equal measures on every level, whether it is racial, LGBT, or gender related.

How do you pick the right person? I have seen many of my Christian friends push for one or another candidate over the years, only to discover later on down the road that all their talk was just that, talk. I even let one of them talk me into voting for a candidate because he was convincing everyone that he was a faithful Christian, only to observe a few years later that he was just as dishonest as all the ones that had preceded him.

Here is a true statement, at least from my perspective “There would not be all of this political rabble if the Israelite’s had not asked for a King to be put over them. If they had held true to their faith in God, fully believed that he was the only true and right King, we would not be putting up with all of this worry about who to elect to what office, God would be appointing the men he wanted to be over us.”

Ever since the days of “Kings”, as the world has advanced, the wrong people have been in high positions. Many people fought and died, in different areas of the world to get out from under the rule of Kings to gain their freedom just to elect and put others over us instead of the one true God, and sadly many of them have been elected because of empty promises.

I have learned to stay away from the political arena as much as possible. Sure I end up in conversations with people who are trying to convince others to vote for the candidate they think is best, but as far as I am concerned, we have, and have always had only one ruler over us, God. Today I am thankful that he has led me away from any kind of political involvement and shown me he is the ruler of my life.


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