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Extra Food, Computers, and Freedom

fruits and veggiesNovember 9, 2016 – Extra Food

I know there are those who can relate to the problems of living on a fixed income. There is usually more month left at the end of the check. Sometimes it is hard to keep enough food in the house and the pickings for dinner get slim.

Most cities and a scattering of smaller towns have food banks or food pantries. A lot of Churches also have these at least once a week to try and help out the disabled, the elderly, the poor and the single moms with food during the month.

Our small town has a great one. The people there are volunteers from all the churches in town. They pray with you at all your appointments and treat you like family instead of a file or number. When we go there we feel like we are visiting good friends.

They also hold what is called “Mass Distribution” once a month. Anyone who lives in the county can go there and the designated day and pick some extra produce. They have an agreement with some of the harvesters, who donate a certain amount of their excess to help the community out.

This month, on our visit, I noticed there was no “Mass Distribution” date at the bottom of my next appointment. When I asked them about this, they said there had been a scheduling problem with the Harvesters so there wouldn’t be on this month or next, but to make up for it they were adding extra food to every persons bags. Today I am thankful for all they do and for the extra food that we brought home this time.

computersNovember 10, 2016 – Computers

Our technology has advanced rapidly over the last century. Satellite that make it possible to see news around the world while it is happening, also allowing cell phones to connect to anywhere in the world within seconds. Cars are being made that are controlled by a computer chip and they are even experimenting with cars that will drive themselves.

ATMs allow you to draw out money without having to go stand in line in the bank, microwave ovens that thoroughly cook food in minutes, MRI machines, new super x-ray machines, digital imaging and the ability to connect via internet to a patient or a doctor anywhere.

I am not highly technical. I can operate a computer, I can store numbers and dial a cell phone, and I can browse the internet and that is the full extent of my technological abilities. But I do like the fact that I can contact those close to me via internet, have a conversation that I can read so I don’t misunderstand what they are saying. I also like the fact that most computers come with a word program that allow me to be typing articles like this and posting them on here. Today I am thankful for our technological advancements, especially computers and the internet.

american flagNovember 11, 2016 – Freedom

I can get up in the morning, turn on my computer, make a cup of coffee, step out on the back deck and look at a beautiful sky. I can browse the internet, go on social media and make comments, voice my opinion, or write my articles and post them for anyone to read.

I can read any book that I want, watch any program that I want, listen to any radio program that I want without interruption or without permission from anyone. I can go to the grocery store, buy the food that I like to eat or run through a drive-thru to pick up a burger.

I can go the doctor, or the hospital if need be and don’t have to account to anyone why I did. I don’t have to answer to anyone but my “God”, and I don’t have to lie about anything or hide anything because I am afraid there will be consequences.

I can get in my car and drive out in the country or to another city or to another state without asking permission to do so. I can call anyone that I want, mail anyone a card or letter that I want, and visit with any friend or family member that I choose.

I can choose who to associate with, who to live with, where to live or where not to live. There is almost nothing that is barred from me that I need or want to do.

Sure, our country is in trouble. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed. Our country does have laws and rules that should be obeyed, but they are in place for the protection of our country and the individuals that live in it. When these laws are disobeyed, then the person on people disobeying should expect to pay the consequences.

I couldn’t believe all the rioting I saw on the television in Ferguson and Maryland, and in other large cities around the nation and all the rioting that has occurred over this past Presidential election. To my way of thinking, that is no way to get anything done and I am sure that many of those rioting, looting and burning down their neighborhoods didn’t do it out of anger for what happened, but joined in because it was a way for them to act out, a way for them to steal and destroy without having to face a judge for what they were doing.

Our country has more freedom than any country in the world, but the way some people are using that freedom could some day cause it to be taken away. Today I am thankful for the freedoms we still have.

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