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Confusion, Shelter from the Storm, and Tough Times

older woman prayingDecember 4, 2016 – Confusion

We all get confused at times. Sometimes our day is so busy that we get twisted around and get confused about what we need to do next. I’ve learned to try to plan my days, trying not to do too much in one day, but there are times when there is so much to be done in one day that I get confused on what order I should do things in.

I sometimes get confused about God too! There are times I just don’t understand him, I don’t understand why he doesn’t answer some prayers that really need an answer, and I don’t understand why he allows the Devil to interfere in our lives, causing further confusion, depression, agitation, anger, sorrow and resentment.

I don’t understand this world today either. I am totally confused about why people have become so violent. You would think that they would have learned from our long history that violence accomplishes nothing. It’s like everyone has lost their minds. Morals don’t exist anymore and anything and everything is acceptable, the “new norm”.

But among all these confusing things, I know that Jesus stands by my side. Sometimes he just helps me through confusing times and sometimes he talks to me and explains away my confusion. Today I am thankful that no matter how confused I may get, He is still in control.

lighteningDecember 5, 2016 – Shelter From the Storm

I remember the winters in Colorado when I was a child. We loved it when we would have snow days excusing us from school. We would put on our warmest clothes, go outside and have snowball fights, build snowmen and snow forts and make snow angels. Then we would come in and mom would make us a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.

When I was an adult living in Cleveland, Ohio, I often had to battle those “Lake Effect” snow storms and I can tell you first hand that they were/are brutal. It seems that most of the time I either lived or worked close to the lake so I would have to travel in the middle of them. The cold air would blast you, going right into the very core of your body, causing you to hurt and shake as you stood waiting for your bus.

We go through many storms in our lives, no matter where you live. Rain storms, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, drought and tsunamis are just a few of the normal ones. But, we also go through emotional storms, depression, PTSD, anger, resentment, sorrow, loss and loneliness are just a few. Financial difficulties, raising children, looking for work or places to live, or trying to make sure there is enough food in the house, illnesses, injuries and disease can often bring us to a new low.

Today I am thankful, that no matter what I am going through, God is my shelter from the storm.

sad-smileyDecember 6, 2016 – Tough Times

Everyone in this world goes through some tough times. It isn’t just for the poor or middle class, rich people have their tribulations and trials also. Tough times can affect just one person, a group of people, or whole cities, counties, states and countries. Storms that wreck homes and businesses, droughts and famine don’t affect just one individual person. They can effect the whole population of an area.

Riots, war, crime, mans inhumanity to his fellow man can affect a whole culture, race, neighborhood, city or country. It is during those times that people in most places try to draw together, work together to help each other. It is a shame that they don’t try to draw together and help each other doing good times also, but so many just go their own way, not caring about their neighbors, co-workers or family.

I have been blessed during my life to have many people around me who wanted to help when I was going through tough times. When Ken passed away, everyone at the company I worked at showed up for his service to show their support of me. My group inside the company took turns bringing in breakfast because they were worried that I wasn’t eating and the whole company took up a collection to help me with funeral expenses.

I’ve lost three loved ones in a little over a year. I lost my Step-father in late 2015, my son in March and my older sister last month. I have had so many people contact me on FB to tell me they are there for me, they are praying for me. I even had one young lady, whom I didn’t know at the time come up to me in Walmart and give me a hug and tell me they were sorry for my loss. Today I am thankful to be surrounded my so many caring friends, neighbors and relatives when I am going through tough times.

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