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stairsDecember 15, 2016 – Levels

When you play a video game, you try to beat one level and advance to the next, trying to get to the highest level you can. Life is very similar to this. We go through many different levels as we grow, mature and learn. There is the baby/toddler level, the grade school level, the Junior High or Middle School Level, the High School Level and for the some the College Level.

Then you go out into the world and experience a whole bunch more levels. Maybe you will get married, and you are at the Honeymoon level. Maybe you start having children, then you are at the parenting level and will go through all the other levels just like your parents did.

You may advance through your job to different levels, starting at the bottom working your way up to clerk 2, up group supervisor and maybe up to managerial levels. You may work at it until some day you are at the top level, the CEO of the company.

In between all these levels, there are smaller levels, some good some bad. You may go through a few of each. Levels of depression, levels of boredom where you seem to be stuck for awhile, There will be levels in your relationships, different levels of sorrow and different enlightening levels where you may turn your life over to God.

Our levels are predestined by God. He already knows where he wants us, and no matter how many times or how often we veer from the path he has laid out for us, he will work things in such a way that you end up on the level he wants you at.

I’ve been through a lot of levels in my life, some were good, some were great, some not so good, and some horrific, but I am where he wants me to be. Today I am thankful for all the levels I have gone through, I have learned something from each one, and I have discovered that Jesus was right by side through all of them.

Legs in SPA

December 16, 2016 – Walking

There are a lot of things we take for granted in this world, things that we consider normal, and we don’t realize that there are many people who don’t have these normal things in their life. For instance, for most of us, we know the furnace will kick on when it gets cold and we know there will be hot water in the morning for our shower.

We know that our car will start, and we know what we are planning to have for lunch. We know what time we will get off work, what we will do when we get home, what we will have for dinner and where we will lay our heads at night. Unfortunately there are so many that don’t experience this kind of normality in their lives.

It is normal for us to be able so see, to get up and walk around, to speak, to hear, to move our hands and feet, and even if we see someone disabled, we don’t truly appreciate the ability to do these things until we don’t have them anymore.

Recently I had something happen to my feet. The were swollen and painful. The doctor first diagnosed gout and gave me medicine I couldn’t take. Then he sent me to another doctor who diagnosed turf-toe and he said to just rest my feet. Finally after I did the research, asked the doctor to run certain blood tests, it was discovered that I had Rheumatoid arthritis.

Now I am medications that help with the pain, have reduced the swelling and I can walk most of the time as normal as I did. There are times when I have flare-ups and the pain will be greater than usual, and sometimes there will be some small swelling, but for the most part the medications seem to have it pretty much in control. Today I am thankful to still be walking.

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