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Wildlife and One More Day

possum.jpgDecember 29, 2016 – Wildlife

I’ve always loved nature. I can’t think of any one time in my life where I would give up a ride in the country to do something in the city. Most of my childhood was spent in Colorado, on farms or in small towns. There were many trips to the mountains, many picnics and visits to outdoor areas like the Garden of the Gods.

I live in a small rural town now. I am convinced that the Lord put it in my heart to move here because he knew how I detested living in big cities. He knew my inner self loved nature and all that he created.

My back yard is a virtual forest. The neighbors in back have seven trees that completely block out their house for three seasons. If I stand on the back deck, it’s like I am living in the woods. During the warm months there are birds out there all the time. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Doves, Sparrows and Robins make their home in those trees every Spring and some stay on through the winter.

I’ve had rabbits here and at the other two places I’ve lived in town. There have been squirrels and possums and even some skunks. We even had a very large turtle wander up into our yard one summer. We were never sure how he wandered that far, but we picked him up and took him to a stream just outside of town so he wouldn’t get hit by a car.

When I look at all the wildlife just in my back yard, and think about all the wildlife around the world, I see what an awesome God we serve. There is no way, in my mind, that so many different species of animals were an accident of nature. There is no way that all life on this family started with a single cell and diversified into the human and animal populations that exist.

No, all of this was planned, arranged and created by a great mind. God, the creator definitely put a lot of work into this world, and today I am thankful for all the natural, wildlife I get to experience in my own back yard.

calendarDecember 30th – One More Day

Yes the count down is almost over. I have stuck with it and I have won the race. In two days I can officially say that I have found something to be thankful for, every day in the last year. It took a lot of work, but not a whole lot of thought. I didn’t have to think of things to be thankful for, I experienced them every day.

There were times I didn’t get the articles up for a few days, but I kept a list by my computer and posted them as I could. There were days when I found so much to be thankful for, that I had difficulty choosing just one and there were days when I was feeling sick and had to snatch the first thing I could think of.

And, of course Satan didn’t want me doing this, so he tried throwing a few mountains in my path, but with the help of the Lord I was able to get over or around them without too much difficulty. There were days when I just couldn’t seem to find the energy to sit down and get them done and then there were days where I could zip right through them. At one point it looked like my computer wasn’t going to make it, but the Lord supplied another one for me to continue working on these. Today I am thankful the Lord put it in my heart to do the 366 Days of Thanksgiving.


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