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That “Gut” Feeling

common senseJanuary 7, 2017 – That “Gut” Feeling

Do you ever get that awful gut feeling. You’re about do something or say something and you get that queasy feeling in your gut, or maybe, like some people your gut becomes tied up it knots.

You try to reason with yourself that it’s just your mistrust of things kicking in. You go through all the logical things you can think of to convince yourself you are doing or saying the right thing. Then after you override that feeling you find out you have made a huge mistake.

Maybe you get that urgent feeling once in awhile that pushes you toward saying or doing something, something you weren’t too sure of. You, again go through all that turmoil of trying to rationalize not following the feeling, and again, after you have convinced yourself not to do or say what you were urged to, you made another huge mistake and regret ignoring it.

Some people call it instinct and most Christians consider it the Holy Ghost. For many years in my life, even before I became a born again Christian, I fought that “gut” feeling. I would rationalize it over and over again in my head until I was so fatigued that I finally chose to ignore it.

Over the years, after I became a Christian, I started listening to that gut feeling, following what it said to do or not do, what it said to say or not say, and it has never ended in a catastrophe. Today I am thankful for that “gut” feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost.


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