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Eating Humble Pie and Quiet Mornings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary 10, 2017- Eating Humble Pie

I will admit it, I have been wrong in my life, many times. I have this streak of stubbornness, I have this inherent need to be right, all the time, and my tongue can quickly override my brain. I’m a researcher by profession and by nature. Ken used to say I was like a little robot, I always needed “Input”. But it’s true. I research everything from my medications to herbal remedies, from vitamins to the habits of birds and squirrels, from how to make a cake to how to plant tomatoes.

It’s true, I have a strong will, I have some stubbornness in me. I was born with it. My mother used to say my will was so strong that when I set my mind to something, nothing would hold me back from achieving it. I think some of my need to be right also comes from the abusive relationship I was in for twenty years, where I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion, I wasn’t allowed to complain about anything, I wasn’t even allowed say anything without being asked most the time.

It still is a problem at times. There are times I am sure that what I am saying is correct, to the point where I have gotten into a few arguments only to be proven incorrect. I’ve been working on that as much as I can, trying to evaluate what is being said and what I know about it before I open that large mouth of mine.

The dictionary says the the definition of being humble is: 1. marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, 2. conscious of one’s failings, 3. unpretentious and 4. to make meek, to humble one heart. Right along with that the Free Dictionary has a list of idioms and “Eating Humble Pie” means to act very humble when one is shown to be wrong, to be apologetic and admit you are in error. Eating Humble Pie” can also be related to “Eating Crow”. A crow is a foul tasting nasty bird and having to eat it would be awful just as eating your own words is emotionally hard to swallow.

Believe it or not, today I am thankful for all the “Humble Pie” I have eaten in my life. It helps me to see how arrogant I can be and arrogance is not pleasing to God.

sunrise-in-the-countryJanuary 11, 2017 – Quiet Mornings

Yesterday was a very hectic day. Not only did we have to go for Rich’s infusions, but we needed to go to the appliance store to pay for a refrigerator, which took just about every cent we had. But, it needed to be done because the one we have, we bought used six years ago, and when it shuts off it sounds like someone is breaking in the back door.

We also had to go to the store to replace some grocery items and then wait for a repair man to come and fix the light switch in the bathroom off the kitchen. We have a great landlady who is very quick on getting repairs done when we let her know about them. So, because of that wait, I didn’t get my nap, poor me.

This morning when I woke up and went out on the back deck, as is my usual habit when the weather permits, the sky was clear and the prettiest blue. The birds had not gathered out there yet for their breakfast and everything was peaceful and quiet. I stood there for a few minutes and listened to the silence, took in the peace and prayed for a quieter, less hectic day.

The wind was whipping up a little, and few clouds skittered across the sky. Presently the birds started their singing, the Blue Jays hollering at me from up in the tree “It’s time for breakfast Lori, go get our food.” I turned to go in and get the birdseed, taking one last look at this quiet morning and thanking God for the peace I felt. Today I am thankful for quiet mornings.

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