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Shelter From the Storm and God Provides

lighteningJanuary 12, 2017 – Shelter From the Storm

While Egypt and Canaan don’t normally have blizzards and ice storms like we experience in the U.S. they have their droughts, famines and their rainy seasons. Imagine having to wander through the wilderness for 40 years in weather like this, stopping at the occasional oasis to fill up on water, let the animals graze and then trudging onward, never building a permanent home, living in tents, sleeping on the ground, often camping out in the open during the rainy season.

In cooler weather it was probably much easier, but they never stayed long in one place, and they often circled around, coming back to the same places over and over again, walking over rough ground for there weren’t many roadways traveled at that time. Imagine having to hunker down in a tent or makeshift shelter during a torrential rain.

Even though God provided their food and their clothes never wore out, it was rough going. There were no cars or trains, no trailers, no campers, no modern convenience to make the going any easier. Each place they stopped they had to set up the tabernacle, set up their tents, find places to tether their animals and graze their herds.

Now, we have houses, apartments, and mobile homes to keep us sheltered from the storms. If we go camping there are portable, waterproof tents and cabins and campers to keep us warm and dry. We are protected by some kind of conveyance no matter where we go, whether it is a bus, a cab, a car, a truck or an SUV and most of us don’t have to worry about shelter for animals unless we are farmers. Today I am thankful for shelter from the storms.

Hands holding the worldJanuary 13, 2017 – God Provides

When you live on a fixed or low income it can become difficult to make sure you have all that you need. Often families in this situation find themselves at a loss if their car breaks down, something needs repaired in the house or an appliance bites the dust.

Most people can’t just go out and buy something new every time the old something wears out. Many have to look for good, used items and some find that they have to do without a convenience because the expense is too great.

I remember one winter, many years ago, when the person I lived with drank up all the bill money. We didn’t have gas to heat the house so we walked around bundled up in layers of clothes. We cooked on a Coleman stove in the kitchen and heated water on it to wash up and for entertainment we watched a television wired to a car battery.

Our used refrigerator that we bought 6 years ago has been making a lot of racket. It rattles when it runs and it sounds like it’s coming through the wall when it shuts off. We started a house fund to save up for another one and it seems that it was just in time, for the noises were increasing and we weren’t sure how many more days it would last. But we survived.

When I started calling around for prices I was shocked at how much many places wanted for a used refrigerator. For a couple hundred more we could have bought a brand new one, but we didn’t have the extra cash. We finally found one at a price we could afford at one of the appliance stores in town, and they got it delivered before the ice storm was scheduled to arrive. It amazes me how God shows up just when you need him and I am so thankful that he always provides.

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