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Prayer, Sunshine,Rain

older woman prayingFebruary 4, 2017 – Prayer

Now I know that during the course of all of my “Thankfulness” articles I have repeated the same subjects at times, but, when I do that, it is because I find another reason to be thankful for the same things. It often seems like the Lord opens my eyes from time to time to see more than I saw before.

While I have talked about the subject of prayer before, about how to pray, about praying for others, about answered prayer, it is one of my daily activities, and not just at certain times but all through the day. In fact, it has been during these times of prayer that God has enlightened me about other things. It is through this constant conversation with him, that I often find the paths he is leading me down.

While it is certain that he doesn’t always answer prayer right when we want him to or in the way that we want him too, he will often answer it quietly in another way after he has drawn us away from that subject we were praying about. I can attest to this, because many times I have been praying about a certain problem or need and all of a sudden that need is forgotten and another, more important need has been brought to mind.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been praying about something I need or I am concerned about, when the thought of that need or concern has been completely blanked out by the thought of someone who needs prayed far more than my little wants and concerns.

I have seen prayer in action. I have had prayers answered a few minutes after saying them while driving down the road. I have had prayers answered before I was done praying and I have been shown that some of the prayers I am saying have been answered before I even thought of praying on that subject. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in these last days and today I am so thankful that I can pray and that others pray for me.

sunrise-in-the-countryFebruary 5, 2017 – Sunshine

The most northern town in Alaska is a small town called Barrow. Barrow has at least 67 days of winter where there is total darkness. Seasonal depression is high in the areas of this state during the dark winter days. Barrow also has 80 days of perpetual sunshine which is called the time of the Midnight sun. This is one reason you will see such huge vegetables and fruits during the summer months in Alaska.

Sunshine is important to all of life. Humans get their serotonin uptake and vitamin D from the sun. We get solar power from the sun and all of our crops, veggie patches and flowering plants need sunlight to grow, and produce flowers and food. Even the animals and insects need the sunlight so they can see to build their nests and hunt for food, since all of them are not nocturnal.

I love the sun. I love to walk in it and sit out in it. I love to watch my house plants and container garden grow from it. It is a source of light, a source of heat, a source of health, but it also shows the power of our God, to create something this huge, these necessary to keep our planet alive. Today I am thankful for the sunshine.

lighteningFebruary 6, 2017 – Rain

The last couple winters have been odd. We haven’t had the light, fluffy snow that we used to build snowmen out of, make forts out of or make snow angels. Children haven’t been able to go sleigh riding or snow boarding and it’s just been so gray and depressing out.

These last couple winters have been very gloomy and rainy, unlike the ones we experience as children. While many states did get bombarded with blizzards and large amounts of snowfall, we didn’t have but an inch or two all winter. In fact I only remember getting snow on one day.

While I don’t like the gray, rainy winter, I know that there is a benefit to it. Our water tables have been low for several years because we have had such brutal summers. Our crops need the water just as much as they need the sunshine. The animals would die of dehydration without the rain to bring our water tables up.

Even though I would rather have a summer burst than all of this gray drizzle we have seen, I understand the necessity of all this rain. Even though it has caused some flooding in areas, it eventually soaks through and fills our rivers, lakes and streams so that there will be plenty of water during the summer months, so today, I am thankful for this winter’s rain.

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