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Farmers, Carpenters, and a Foretaste

farmsFebruary 9, 2017 – Farmers

Farmers have always been around. If you read your bible, you would notice that in the early centuries just about everyone was a farmer of some sort. Some grew fields of grain, leaving anything that fell on the ground for the poor and widows to gather. Some raised sheep and goats, and eventually some raised cattle.

Some grew grapes, others managed olive groves and many wives had a vegetable garden growing next to their tent, if they were semi-nomadic, or next to their mud and straw houses. For the most part, this was how a family survived, and these products were also used for the sacrifices, to pay taxes to the King or procurator and to trade for other goods needed for the farm or home.

I’ve lived on two farms in my life, and I loved it. Although I was young, there was just something about growing things with your own hands, whether it was raising chickens, sheep or cattle, or planting a garden. It just felt good to work with my hands and to know I was helping something to grow.

I’ve done my share of feeding horses and cows, pulling weeds, picking fruit, feeding chickens and ducks and rabbits. I love it during the summer when people start selling their produce on the square or on the corners of busy streets. I know for sure that the food is freshly picked and hasn’t been sitting on a truck for days or weeks.

Think of where we, as a society, the way society is today, what would we do without farmers.? Where would we get vegetables, meat, dairy and fruit? What would we eat if they didn’t work long hours during the Spring, Summer and Fall? Where would we be able to get the health benefits that fresh veggies and fruits offer? From a pill? No!!Today I am thankful for farmers

carpenter-toolsFebruary 10, 2016 – Carpenters

Jesus was the son of a carpenter, and a carpenter himself for awhile. What better early trade could our savior have? He built things from wood, and then later he built up people with love and instruction. His ministry was only about 3 years long, yet he is the most famous and the most honest minister that ever lived.

Carpenters make a lot of things, from our houses to our barns and garages. They make cabinets and dressers and tables and chairs. They build mansions, businesses, museum, libraries and many other structures. Although construction has changed over the centuries with the use of brick, cement, glass and steel, there are still aspects of each building that need the craft of the carpenter.

In Jesus time they made plows, wooden eating utensils, doors, fences, stools and such. Their art was the beginning of the age of carpentry. Today there are many luxury items made by carpenters for the pleasure and ease of the Poor and Rich. Intricately carved bedroom sets, one of kind dining room tables, carved doorways and windows and picture frames.

If you were to look around your house, how many pieces of furniture to you see that are made of wood? My desk, where I am typing this is made of wood, the desk on the other side of the room is made of wood, the closet door is made of wood and the window frame in front of me is made from wood. Where would we be if we didn’t have carpenters to help construct our dwellings? Today I am thankful for carpenters.

lakeFebruary 11, 2017 – A Foretaste

Today was an awesome day. The weather report said we would reach the mid 70’s but I am sure that we made it to 80 degrees. The sky was blue spattered with a few light, white clouds here and there, and even though they had predicted rain, it never came.

Mrs. Beasley jumped down to the deck while I was standing there, started eating and she didn’t leave until I turned and went back in the house. She is getting less and less skittery around me. When I looked back out there were Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Sparrows quietly eating the seed we had put out, and the doves are back, but instead of two, there were four.

It was like a perfect Spring Day. Even the birds sounded like their spirits had been lifted. As I watched the day go by, I thought this is just a foretaste of what’s to come. A little peek into the warmer weather that will be upon us in a month or two.

Isn’t awesome the way God works. How he created such beauty around us, how he gave us things that would lift our spirits, make us feel good like the sun beating down on us after a very gray winter?

When I was younger, I assumed that heaven was a place made of clouds, and that we just walked around the clouds like angels, just looking down on earth and the poor beings left there, but today, I believe that heaven is going contain everything of beauty that God created and I honestly believe that we get a foretaste of that place when we look upon the things of nature. Today I am thankful for the foretaste of things to come.

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