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Looking Inward, Growing, Days of Celebration

eyeFebruary 12, 2017 – Looking Inward

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to check in ourselves. We day after day ding the normal everyday things we have always done. We go to work, we go to school, we go the store, and possible to check in on parents or grandparents.

We go to church on Sundays, dinner with friends and visits with neighbors. We indulge in activities outside of the house such a movies, date night, softball games and the like, and during the day we fail to notice how we act or what we talk about or who we talk about.

Gossip is a horrible tool of the devils. It hurts feelings, destroys relationships and destroys reputations. I’ve done my share of gossiping in my life and I have received the end result of gossip before and I can tell you first hand that it cuts like a knife.

Over the years have worked on developing the habit of looking inward, looking into myself. I try to step back and look at things I’ve said and done and see if they are what God would want. I have developed the habit of grabbing those gossiping thoughts before they make it to my mouth and make myself look at the person or the circumstances, making myself look for reasons why the situation is what it is or why the person did or said what they did.

As I fall asleep at night, saying my prayers, I first thank God for Jesus dying for our sins, then I thank him for all the blessings he bestows on me. Then I look inward to see if there was anything I did or said today that wouldn’t please him. It has actually helped to stay away from the brink of the gossip ridge. Today I am thankful the Lord has urged me to look inward.

Jesus with children 2February 13, 2017 – Growing

I love to watch things grow. Spring and Summer are my most favorite seasons. I start watching in March for the small green blades of grass and the small leaf buds on trees. Not long after that, the flowers will start to bloom and their fragrance fills the air.

I’ve enjoyed watching people and animals grow, my son from the day he was born until I moved here, my grandchildren the same way. I’ve seen kids from the various churches grow up and their children growing too. We never stop growing, old age proves that. Even when we leave this place, we will grow in another, better, more peaceful, beautiful place.

I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons as I have grown. Some were lessons I didn’t want to learn, but they were necessary, especially for my spiritual growth. Some were lessons that help me to be strong and to learn to survive, and some were so I could pass on knowledge to others. I learn something new everyday, whether it is a new word, a new way to grow something, or a new message from God. I hope that I never stop growing, especially in my spiritual walk. Today I am thankful for growing.

loveFebruary 14, 2017 –Days for Celebration

We all love different holidays, different celebrations. For some it is Christmas, and sadly, not because of the celebration of the birth of Christ, but for the parties, family get togethers and exchanging of presents. For some it is the Fourth of July or Memorial day, and again, sadly not always because of what those days mean, but for the picnics, family activities, barbecues and the like.

Valentines Day is a celebration of love, started in honor of St. Valentine. On this day lovers, spouses and even friends and other relatives exchange cards, candies and gifts all to celebrate the love they feel for each other. Couples go out for special dinners, kids exchange cards in school, but I wonder how many do it just out of habit or really because they are celebrating love.

Think about it. Kids exchange cards at school, but does anyone explain to them what the day is really all about? The same with Christmas, how many families stop and talk to their children about what Christmas is really about.

Do parents explain to their children what the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Presidents Day or Valentines day is really all about or do they focus on just having good times. I know that some Christian based families, who keep their children going to church, explain these special days.

Valentines day is a day of love, but wouldn’t it but wonderful if love was celebrated everyday of the year? After all, Christ doesn’t just express his love for us on certain days, he loves us every day of our lives. He proved it. He gave his life for us because he loved us so much. He stands in for us with the father because he loves us so much. Today I am thankful for the days of Celebration we have and for what each one means, but mostly I am thankful for the love of Christ that we can celebrate each and every day.

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