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Laughing at Myself, Angry Words, Unanswered Prayer

laughterMarch 1, 2017 – Laughing at Myself

Humor has long been one of the necessary and important aspects of human nature. Without humor, we would never find things funny, everything would be dull and uneventful. When we laugh, we actually improve our health, physically and mentally, but we need to choose what to laugh at.

It isn’t right to laugh at ones misfortune. I’ve know people who do this. When something awful happens to someone they bust out laughing, not taking into consideration what the other person is going through, whether they were physically hurt, suffered a loss or felt humiliated.

The world is full of jokers who like to pull jokes on their friends, family and even at times on strangers. They take no thought of the other persons feelings just so long as they feel they can get a laugh out of it. Unfortunately, there were several times when I was young that I was the butt of someone s attempt at humor.

I was laughed at a few times because my skirt for pep club wasn’t exactly maroon like all the other members, but it was the material my mother could afford. I was laughed at because my sister tried a new haircut on me that made me look like a boy, in fact it was called the “poor boy”. There were other times when I was the joke of the day.

Over the years I have learned to laugh at myself, at the silly and awkward things I do now and then. For instance my senior moment #365 the other day was when I opened the clothes dryer to check the pizza that was cooking in the oven. Today I am thankful God has taught me how to laugh at myself before anyone else has a chance to.

anger faceMarch 2, 2017 – Angry Words

It is a part of human nature. Everyone has, at least once in their life, if not more often, blurted out angry words. It is a defense mechanism of sorts that we humans have. When something is disagreeable to us, we often allow our tongues to override our brains and blurt out hurtful and angry words before we have time to think about what is best left unsaid.

Sadly, the tongue is the most hurtful weapon we own. Words, once spoken, can never be taken back, never completely forgotten once said no matter how profusely or sincerely you apologize. They are like an open wound that doesn’t heal completely and can haunt the giver and the receiver for the rest of their lives.

I am as human as anyone else. While I strive to curb my tongue, there are situations, not often mind you, but on rare occasions where anger builds up and I say things that I didn’t really mean, things that should have been left unsaid, and sadly it is almost immediately that I realize what I have done.

I try very hard to curb my tongue. I try very hard to think before I talk and I try very hard to make sure the words that come out of my mouth are not angry, humiliating or hurtful words. I have even been known to just shut up and walk away to avoid saying what needs to be left unsaid. Today I am thankful that the Lord inspires me to work on curbing my tongue.

older woman prayingMarch 3, 2017 – Unanswered Prayers

We go through life praying constantly for what we want or need. I read a quote the other day, that I have seen many times before, that says when a prayer goes unanswered, God has something better in mind. I’ll be straight forward and honest with you, I sometimes wonder about that because there are some prayers that seem to need immediate answering.

I have prayers in my God box from years ago that have never been answered, but life has gone on since I put them in there, and since they are prayers for things out of my control, they will remain there. Life goes on and God fills our days with other blessings. Other needs will arise, other prayers said and answered and all I can guess at is that the unanswered ones are not as important to God as they seem to be to us. I won’t question him on that because, after all, he is God and always has our best interests at heart.

He knows us inside and out. He made each one of us individually and he has a plan for each one of us. If a prayer goes unanswered, my life will not end, I will go on, other priorities will take it’s place and if or when he decides to answer, he will.

You see, most of the prayers that go into my God box are for problems other people have. Some of them may have to do with their health, their wealth, their marriage, or other circumstances and it is very possible they will go unanswered because he is waiting for those people to ask for themselves.

I don’t claim to know everything about God, about his workings, about his agendas but I do believe there are times he shows me something. Today I am thankful that he is giving me an understanding about unanswered prayers.

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