Anticipation, Mrs. Beasley and Starlings

bucket of flowersMarch 10, 2017 – Anticipation

Gray has become my least favorite color. For several years now, blame it on global warming, our winters here in Missouri have been gray and wet. We have had more rain and thunderstorms than ice or snow storms. It has snowed for maybe two days per season and it wasn’t even close to an inch and did not stick around for more than an hour. We have had our cold days and nights and the threat of ice storms, but nothing of any consequence.

I used to love to look out on a fresh blanket of snow. Everything look so pristine and clean. The sun gleaming off the new fallen snow made it look like a field of diamonds and there was just something so peaceful and serene about it. The last time I saw snow that stuck around for awhile is in 2012 but the winters lately make me think I’m living in England instead of Missouri.

We actually had snow falling two days a go, nice big fluffy flakes that quickly turned to sleet, rain and gray matter. Everything melted so fast that the driveway was a muddy mess. I’m waiting in anticipation of Spring when everything will turn green again, where the skies will be blue, the sun will shine and the flowers will bloom. Today I am thankful for that feeling of anticipation, because I know brighter days are on their way.

Mrs. BeasleyMarch 11, 2017 – Mrs. Beasley

I feel like I have always had a connection with nature. Even when I was smaller, I loved to be out exploring the woods, watching the birds and just trekking through the country side. It was not often, when I was small that my mother allowed me around wooded areas or fields because she worried about my asthma, but when an older farm lady babysat me, she would allow me to run out to the cow pasture and collect wild flowers and swim in the horse trough.

I’ve spent many years of my life living in the concrete jungles where the only wild life you saw was the mass of dirty pigeons on the roof tops and the squashed rat in the street once in awhile, so any time I could live in a place that had an actual back yard or was close to a park, that’s where you would find me spending every free moment I had.

It seems since I moved to this rural town, that I have been allowed to connect even more with nature. At one house, there was a squirrel, who got so used to me, that he wouldn’t even come down to eat until I was sitting outside in my chair. Then he would come down and eat his morning meal. We named him Pee Wee.

We feed the birds out by the back deck each day. During the summer, the trees lining the back neighbors fence line cut off all sight of their house and you literally feel like you are living in the woods. While we have many birds that stay around all winter, and some like the Doves and Robins who come back each Spring, we also have Mrs. Beasley

Mrs. Beasley is what we have named the backyard squirrel. She was very shy at first, but now when I walkout on the deck, if she is there, she will not move. I can stand out there for several minutes talking to her. It feels great to know that she is getting used to me, that she no longer fears me, and I think she and the birds, who are getting braver all the time, know, have a sense, that I would never hurt them. Today I am thankful for my relationship with Mrs. Beasley and all my fine feathered friends.

starlingsMarch 12, 2017 – Starlings

We have black birds, mainly Starlings. They are rude, they are mean, and they are pigs. The farmers in the area have a really big problem with them during planting and harvest time. They travel in flocks that are very large, have scouts that will go out to find areas of food and seem to have some kind of radar connection to all the other Starlings in the area.

They chase away the small birds, they eat everything in sight and they will even swoop down and eat field mice if they find them running in a field. They are beautiful when they are in flight, flying in different directions as one whole group, swirling around in many different patterns and swooping down to the ground.

I don’t care for the Starlings because of their gluttony and because they scare all the other wildlife in the back yard away. Every morning I have to tap on the window to send them scattering so the little birds and Mrs. Beasley can come down to eat.

But a funny thing happened the other day, something that God apparently showed me. The thought came into my head to be patient, for they will soon return to the farmlands. It also popped into my head that I was being prejudiced, that apparently prejudice is not restricted to different ethnic groups or different religions. Today I am thankful for the Starlings because along with their appearance, I learned a valuable lesson about prejudice.

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