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Opportunities, Qualifications, and Walk a Mile

moneyMarch 16, 2017 – Opportunities

All your life you hear people telling you about opportunity. “Opportunity is knocking”, “You’d better grab that opportunity while you can”. Whether it is a career move, buying a house, purchasing something online or buying that new car, opportunities present themselves everyday. It might be an opportunity to see a certain play, go to a certain concert or get discount tickets for a theme park or a really good deal on a vacation venue.

Everyday you have opportunities waiting for you, but sadly some people don’t see them because they are not the opportunities they want. Walking across the parking lot at the grocery store, you had an opportunity to share kindness by helping that elderly or disabled person put their groceries in the car.

Sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office where a young mother was trying to coral several children, you had the opportunity to lend a helping hand, but you didn’t, because it wasn’t an opportunity that benefited you. Standing at the reception of a wedding, you had the opportunity to share about Jesus with the newly wed couple or one of the guests, but you let it pass you .

I have had many opportunities in my life, personal gains, ones in financial situations and others in advancements and promotions in the work force, but the best opportunities were presented to me by the Lord. He gave me the opportunity to be a bus captain for several years for many children. He gave me the opportunity to teach and assist in children’s Sunday School and Church, and still the opportunity to help out on the praise and worship team.

But the best opportunities were when he put me in the position to show kindness, helpfulness, and sharing of his gospel. Today I am thankful for all the opportunities he has sent my way and all the ones I will benefit from in the future.

awardMarch 17, 2017 – Qualifications

As the decades have rolled by, qualifications for many different things have changed. When you used to be able to get a secretarial position because you took shorthand, typing and office skills in high school, you now have to have a certificate or degree from a qualified college or business school.

A young man that took auto mechanics in high school could get a job immediately at a gas station or repair garage, but now they have to have that piece of paper that shows they graduated from a technical or trade school.

Many businesses will not even hire some one straight out of college, they want them to get experience before they can be qualified to work there, and yet where do they get the experience if no one hires them?

There is one opportunity you can claim without attending any college, trade, or technical institute. You don’t have to go out, find a menial job to acquire experience to qualify for the position you want. You don’t have to spend a bundle of money taking required classes and you don’t need a special piece of paper or degree to show anyone. You qualify just for the asking. This opportunity is to become a child of God. All you have to do is believe in Jesus, ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask him to live inside you and try to live your life for him the best you can. Today I am thankful that I have met the qualifications for this for it is the best thing I could ever qualify for.

pathMarch 18,2017 – Walk a Mile

We’ve all heard it said many times in our lives, in fact I think there are articles and books with the same title “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”. In fact, for a few years I would tell people that when they would stand in judgment of me or criticize me for something I said and/or did.

I felt that there was no one who could have gone through as much hell as I had been through. I claimed that right solely for me. No one could possible know what I suffered, how I worked to get where I was, what I had to go through before I got there, no, no one.

When I became a Christian and would hear people testify at services what the Lord had done for them, I started realizing that I wasn’t the only person who had gone through so much. Some of the stories I hear were much worse than mine and my heart broke for these people.

Over the years, since Christ came into my life, my heart has softened a lot. I have come to realize, that for the most part, everyone has had good and bad in their lives. I have learned that even though what might have been devastating to them, seemed minor to me, some of what I went through was minor to them, because everyone is different, everyone reacts in different ways to different events and hardships.

I no longer use the phrase “walk a mile in my shoes” because I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in theirs. We all have our problems, we all have our sorrows and fears and we all have been through some horrors somewhere along the path of life. Today I am thankful I don’t have to walk a mile in their shoes and they don’t have to walk a mile in mine.

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