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Truth, Needs and Plans

bibleMarch 29, 2017 –The Truth

It took 1500 years and 40 authors, some prophets, others were shepherds, kings, fishermen and a doctor to get the bible into writing. It was originally written in three languages; Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic before it was ever translated into the English language. It was written on leather and/or papyrus, with pieces sewn to each other and in 35 foot or longer scrolls.

In the 2nd and 3rd century AD, they started cutting the leather and papyrus into squares, attached together in book form. These versions were very bulky, large and expensive so it was not something that the common woman or man would have. In fact most of the copies were owned by priests, scribes, churches and synagogues.

In 1436 Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press and the bible became available in the 1500’s and 1600’s, also began to be translated and printed in many other languages. This took some doing since it was originally written in those three languages and not all languages use the exact same way of writing or defining something.

I love to read. I read my bible every day, some from the old testament and some from the new testament. I own the most popular version, the King James Bible, but I also have the Prophecy Study Bible by John Hagee, the Living Bible, the NIV Study Bible and Dakes annotated bible. Along with this I also have two other books for reference, Strongs Bible Dictionary and Where to find it in the Bible.

In the evening I will read from “Great People of the Bible, “the Bible Through the Ages”, “After Jesus”, The Story of Jesus”, “Jesus and His Times” all put out by Readers Digest. Not only do they give you historical and biblical information, but they allow you to see how the people struggled to survive, how they had to live, and all the events and different versions of the bible that were written and fought over before the King James Version became the book of choice.

In all of these different books, I haven’t found any major changes in events or thoughts. For the most part, they are basically the same except for the wording. Some of them have replaced thee and thou and thy with the common form in English. Nevertheless, all of them hammer home the single thought that “Jesus was the son of God, that eternal life is only available through accepting him as your savior and repentance of your sins”. They also all agree that he will return one day and gather his people to him. Today I am thankful for the truth of Jesus Christ.

moneyMarch 30, 2017 – Needs

In this fast moving, technological world it can become difficult to separate your needs from your wants. Children and teens are pushed through peer pressure, advertisements and advancements in phones, computers, musical devices and such to the belief that these are all things that they need. When I was a child of 4 I played with baby dolls and toy dishes, today a young female child of 4 is walking around in daisy duke shorts with a cell phone attached to her ear.

When I was a teenager, we wrote notes back and forth in school or wrote letters to those a distance from us. Sometimes, if it was after 9:00 when the rates went down, we might chance a short call to one of our relatives in another state. Today it is normal to see teens walking down the street with a cell phone to their ear or texting as they walk, not really paying attention to their surroundings.

Being in touch with everyone every minute of the day has become such a big issue that it has caused injuries and deaths due to texting and driving, has affected the way children behave in classroom settings and their attention span to their surroundings. It has also affected the way they interact on a one on one basis with those around them.

I agree to a certain point that some of our technological advancements have allowed children to learn at a faster rate. The 4 year child of today probably has more of the mentality of a 6-7 year old from years ago, but at what point to we make them understand that these items are not necessities, or are they.

I remember a few years back, one of my grandsons was required to have a tablet for school. It was on the list of school supplies sent home to the parents, and some schools will even rent them for a nominal fee to those parents who cannot afford them.

While I am not totally against all of these advancements, I often believe that priorities on what a need is compared to a want has changed. If a child today cannot have the same clothes and the same technology his peers have, they claim it can cause psychological distress to that child.

While I enjoy the phones and internet of today, I know what my needs are. I need a roof over my head, food in my stomach and medical attention at certain times. I need the love of friends and family, I need the closeness that brings, and I need the love and forgiveness of Jesus. There is no confusion there, these are my needs. Today I am thankful for God for taking care of all of my needs and allowing me to see the large gap between needs and wants.

common senseMarch 31, 2017 – Plans

We all make plans, some are long term plans, some are short term plans, some are logical and some are fanciful. Whether we see the results of all of our planning depends a lot on how we choose to live our lives, who we choose to include in them, what set of morals we choose to live by and what God’s will for us is.

There are many self made millionaires today who claim that what they are is only because of themselves. They don’t stop to look at the whole picture, at the steps it took to get where they are, what doors might have been opened for them, who they stepped on or over or who they left behind in the process.

I have never believed that money solved everything. I was born poor, I was raised poor, and even though I have had some really good jobs, I remained poor. It was my choice because it was the life I was used to living and I saw so many advantages to remaining in the lower class.

I never became dependent on having a ton of money. I never bought frivolous things just because I had the money to do it, in fact when I was comfortable any excess usually got spent trying to help other people out. Now, I am not patting myself on the back for that, I am merely stating that is how it turned out.

Because I learned to keep living beneath my means, when the money was gone, when things changed and I once again became poor, it didn’t bother me in the least bit, because no matter whatever else happened in my life, I was comforted by the fact, even in the worst of times, that there was a god and some day he would make things right for me.

I had some Christian upbringing when I was a small girl but wandered from it in my young adult years. It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s that I turned back to Christ, but even looking back I see where Christ had my back. I can see his handiwork in my life even when I was not paying attention to him.

I make plans. I plan to have my container garden again this year, I plan to feed the birds and Mrs. Beasley, I plan to read my bible each morning, I plan to keep writing for as long as I can and I plan to continue following Jesus. I plan to love people and I plan to be kind. I plan to be helpful and understanding when I can and I plan to be the very best that I can be. Today I am thankful that God has helped me to always make good plans.

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